2,000 hours and counting

We’ve just completed our 2,000th hour of flight testing on the 787 Dreamliner.


ZA002 in Iceland for crosswind testing.

ZA001 continues to be the high-hour airplane with more than 655 hours of flying time. ZA002 hasn’t flown as many flights - with 164 compared to 238 for ZA001 - but it tends to fly longer flights and has logged 529 hours in the air.


Community noise testing in my home state of Montana, near the town of Glasgow.

There’s still a fair bit of flying to go - with extended operations and function and reliability testing yet ahead of us. We’re also making our way through the FAA demonstrations required for certification.

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David Parker Brown (Seattle, WA):


Evers P (Oldenzaal, the Netherlands):

Nice achievement for the 787 ,

However as a 747 fan,
What is the status of the other flight test program, the 747-8F ?
According several sources the flight count is in the vicinity or may have already surpassed the 1000 hours mark ?

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