787 returns to flight

I’m here in Los Angeles on my way back to Seattle after participating in the first flight of the first Air New Zealand 777-300ER and I can’t imagine a nicer gift for the holiday season than the return to flight of the 787. I’ve missed seeing the Dreamliner overhead in Seattle. The team has worked tirelessly in a disciplined fashion to get us to this point.

First, we focused hard on understanding the incident in Laredo. Then, we got down to the business of developing a solution. In our announcement earlier today, we noted that flight test airplanes are receiving an interim solution prior to the production solution, which will be implemented at a later date.

The interim solution allows us to safely return to flight. For the production solution, we are including additional enhancements in the design that will take additional time to develop and install.

After we developed the interim software solution, we conducted an exhaustive amount of testing. Verification of the system included laboratory testing of standalone components, integration testing with other systems, flight simulator testing and ground-based testing on a flight test airplane.

With the testing complete, we embarked on a rigorous set of reviews very much like the reviews we did prior to first flight. These concluded just yesterday.

In the days ahead we will conduct a series of Boeing tests and determine the path forward for returning to certification testing.

Happy Holidays (again), and see you next year!

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Ty (Tempe, AZ):

Good for you guys!
Focus on Root Cause Analysis, define solutions, and develop fool-proof solutions.

Don't let a 'schedule' drive you!

Safety, and long term reliability of the aircraft should be priority #1!!!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations to Boeing and Air New Zealand on the delivery of the first 777-300ER and I'm glad to see the 787 return to testing.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great new year.

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

Hi Randy,

Happy Holidays to you too! Although... it looks like you spent this past weekend away from your family. I hope you enjoyed Auckland!

Air New Zealand has been advertising the innovations on the now-delivered 777 for quite some time. I was wondering if you could elaborate further on the seats and ovens you installed for them (pictures or video).

Thanks and Happy New Year (wherever you may be)!

Azamiruddin (Kedah, Malaysia):

That is what called a test flight...we find the fault, we fix it, better now then later...

T RENNIE (wellington,nz.):

Happy Holiday to u all.Its good to know the 787 is back in the air and im sure Boeing has done everything possible to make the 787 live up to its name. I was in Auckland when the Air new Zealand 777 300ER landed,beautiful plane,looks different from the rest..Perhaps AIR NZ should look at ordering 5 747 8i.. Good luck for 2011.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Air New Zealand had a live webcast for their 777-300ER delivery -- really great marketing for them -- really great to watch too!

Scott Putnam,

Those seats are designed by Air New Zealand. Jon Ostrower, aka Flightblogger, covered the Air New Zealand 777-300ER cabin a while ago here:


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