Accolades for AERO

For those of you techies who regularly read Boeing’s AERO magazine, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that our quarterly customer publication recently won a top award in a global competition for communications excellence.


Our AERO technical magazine has long been a valuable tool for customers. Now it’s an award winner.

The League of American Communications Professionals gave AERO the Silver 2010 Spotlight Award for its creativity, clear messaging and superb visual design. The award competition received more than 1,100 entries from more than a dozen countries.

You can check out the latest issue of AERO on the Boeing website. The magazine provides technical info to help our airline customers operate their Boeing fleets more efficiently. It’s also a way to keep our customers and others in the industry informed of the latest about Commercial Airplanes products and services.

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Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong, Hong Kong):

Congratulations, Randy & Boeing!

I always find Boeing as one of the most responsive and has one of the best communications team within the aviation industry!

On the other hand, will you go to Asian Aerospace 2011 in Hong Kong next March, Randy?

I am going there for certain and hoping to listening to your presentation there!

Andrew (Spokane, WA):

Congrats to the team! I'm just an aviation enthusiast but I do enjoy the additional insight I get into technical side of the business. Thanks for making it available!

Lori Lay (Roscoe, IL USA):

Congratulations on this prestigious award. I enjoy reading Aero from time to time, and I especially enjoyed reading the past article on Electronic Flight Bags (1st Quarter, 2010). It would be great to see a follow-up article on what the pilots think of this technology.

Vincent Rice (Madison, WI):

Nice information. Question about the recently announced 737 mods. Can the changes be retrofited to older -700s, -800s, and -900ERs. One other question, if you total up all of the improvements implmented since the first NG flight, what is the % performance. How does that compare to what Airbus is doing to the A320 thru NEO? Congrats as well on Aero. Sorry for the spelling.

Zoltan Nagy R. (Lima, Peru):

My best wishes to the Boeing Comapny and their employees for this well deserved award. BAC has demontrated always that it will be a very important asset in the aviation innovation and technology. Keep flying high and safe!

Randy Tinseth:

Vincent -- The modifications so far are for new-build airplanes, and not yet for retrofit. As far as how the Next Generation 737 compares to the A320neo -- stay tuned, I'll have a post on that subject soon!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations to Boeing and the AERO team on winning the Silver 2010 Spotlight Award. I enjoy reading the magazine.

I like to see the new developments on the 737. On and other places many people are speculating on how a potential modified 737 will compete against the proposed A320neo.

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