Where's Rand-O?

On Dec. 1, I had the opportunity to join in a fun event at our Renton factory.


Stylish and highly visible

To celebrate the 8,500th order of a 737 airplane, some 1,500 employees who help build the airplane and its parts gathered together to form a giant “8,500.” You might remember we did this at 7,000 orders a while back.

The event was a great way to recognize the hard work, effort and dedication that our employees exhibit every day, making this airplane the most popular commercial jetliner in history. Customers such as airplane lessor GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), which ordered the landmark airplane, recognize the value and innovation that this airplane continues to bring to the market.

We thought it would be fun to do a little audience participation game to celebrate. So I put on an orange hat and I joined in the crowd. And it’s up to you to find me.


A little too hard to see, I think. So click on the photo to get a larger version to search.

We’ll send a prize that commemorates the occasion to the first person who can point out where I’m standing in the photo — and tell what color jackets that I and the person standing next to me have on.

Now get searchin’!

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TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

I think top right of the second zero. Light grey jacket with a person in front of you with a black jacket.

Glenn (San Juan, Puerto Rico):

I think that Randy is at the back-center-left (near the plane) of #5. He is wearing a brown jacket ant the man to the right is wearing a blue jacket.

Fabio Ferrari (Miami florida):

Hi Randy,I think you are in the number 5 lower portion, wearing a blue jacket . By your side there is a guy with black/red/beige jacket.
i hope i am right.
By the way , nice number for this fantastic 737 jet.

Michael (Wisconsin ):

Are you located in the five, have a dark blue or black jacket on, the guy standing in front of you has a purple jacket or shirt on he has black hair,and the person to the right and a little in the front of you next to the guy in the purple has a green jacket on, the person next to you has blond hair and a black jacket on and two people behind you have signs that they are holding up for the event

Axel (Berlin, GER):

I think I found you in the top of the "5", you and the person near you have brown and blue jackets. Am I right ?

Malcolm Tweed (Auckland New Zealand):

In the number 5 just above and to the right and above the line painted black and yellow. Your jackets are dark, maybe very dark brown, blue or even simply black.

yogesh (Bangalore, India):

Randy, I think you are standing on the bottom portion of the '5' (the straight line). The next person to you is wearing a black jacket and the one slightly front-left to you is wearing a light green jacket/T-shirt.

yogesh (Bangalore, India):

I forgot to mention, I think you are wearing a black suit.

Kameron Eves (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America):

You are in the middle of the five(5). Right below the middle curve. You have a Black jacket on, a person next to you has a green jacket on, and the person in front of you has on a purple shirt with no jacket.

Michael Knudsen (Randers, Denmark):

Hi Randy!

Aren't you the one in the middle of the 5 standing next to a guy in a green shirt? Your jacket looks black in the photo, but it could be very dark blue.

Great blog, by the way!

Bob Rapp (Lynnwood, WA):

I think I spotted Randy in the bottom half of the five. He is wearing a dark-colored jacket. There are several people around him. One person to his left appears to be a blond-haired woman, also wearing a dark-colored jacket. Another woman is standing to Randy's left with a lime green jacket on.

I can't be entirely sure because it's not a high resolution photo, and there are about six people wearing (or in two cases doffing) orange hats.

AndyB (UK):

In the bottom loop of the 5, where the white square intersects?

Ivan Charvat (Oakville, Ontario, Canada):

You're standing in the back row making the head of the number 5 and the two people on each side of you are each wearing a blue jacket.
Ivan Charvat

Jim S (Chandler, AZ USA):

You are standing in the 5 with a black jacket and the gentleman next to you has a lime green gacket.

Howard Smith (Taneytown, MD ):

Bottom of the "0" on the left, brown jacket to your right, black to your left.

Brian D (Iowa):

You are in the very top row of the 5. You and the person next to you are wearing brown and blue jackets.

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

You're half way down the 5!

Jordi van den Bogaart (Heeze, The Netherlands):

Firstly, congratulations with reaching this great milestone for this amazing aircraft. Secondly a wild guess: I think you are in the center of the picture, within the number five. With you and the person directly besides you wearing a black jacket. With the two persons directly infront of you wearing a purple and green shirt.

Tre Cowan (Austin,TX):

Are you in the 5, near the middle? You appear to have on a dark brown jacket, and standing next to you is a woman in a lime green jacket. I like this game of finding Rand-o!

VIncent Rice (Madison, Wi):

Next to the guy with a breown jacket on. You're in the 0.

Pablo (Vigo, Spain):

I think you are in the middle of the number 5, wearing a black jacket, and the person next to you is wearing a green one.

by the way, congratulations to Boeing and the 737!! I love this plane!


Hey Randy,
You have a dark jacket and the guy to right has a lime green one. Bingo!

Roger Bass (Verona, WI):

Are you standing in the "5" wearing a black jacket with a woman wearing a green coat a little to your left?

Daniel Ding (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Well, here's my best shot:


I've circled the person who I think is you with red in the image. Both you and the person left of you are wearing black jackets.

Mike S (Balt. MD USA):

Near the top of the "5" One of you have a brown jacket and similar color shirt. The other person has a blue jacket and purple shirt

Mike S (Balt. MD USA):

Take that back..in the middle of the "5" the long part. person in front has purple, person next to you light green

Hakim Latiff (Belfast, United Kingdom):


Great blog as usual!

I think you're the one who standing at the right-vertical part of the "5". You're wearing a blue shirt in a black jacket, and there're a guy with purple sweater in front of you, a lady in in black (jacket?) on your left, and a lady in green dress in front of her.

Hope this correct!


Bob Jahn (Woodland, CA):

Hi Randy, I couldn't find your email address, but I think I found you in the photo, so I guess I'll post it here since I don't see any other posts regarding it.
I believe that you are standing next to a blond woman with your hat tilted back a little. It appears that you are wearing a black jacket, blue shirt and she is wearing a black jacket as well.
I hope this is correct, and congrats on the 8,500th aircraft.

Pete (Stafford, VA):

Nice picture. The 737 is one of my favorite airplanes, are we going to see some new engines on it in the near future?

I believe you are standing in the bottom half of the five next to the comma. You are wearing a navy blue blazer and the man next to you is wearing a gray and black rain jacket.


Duan Zhu (Beijing,China):

Hey Randy I have to say that I really do love this game! :) Spotting you from 1500 people seemed a difficult task at the first begining, but luckily, I guessed I found your big smile in the number of "5" by chance´╝îis that close to the answer? :P

Well, In my point of view, you weared a black jacket and a blue shirt was inside as the picture you shared above. There is no person standing on your left (From the photo view), and a brown hair woman next to you weared a black jacket as well. In addition, the people standed in front of you dressed a graped color T-shirt. Hope that will be the answer!


kumaresan (london united kingdom):

are you wearing a dark (possibly dark blue or black) jacket and standing next to a blonde lady and another person wearing a green top in the "5"?

Tim (Langley, BC, Canada):

Looks like they person next to you has a light green jacket on, and the guy in front of you is wearing purple. Am I right??

Gopi (Schaumburg, IL):

Hi Randy,

You are standing in number 5, You are wearing a black jacket. Infront of you, someone wearing a blue T-shirt i believe, nearby him, there is someone with green shirt. Right left of you, there is a lady with a black suite on. I hope i got you.

Dennis Alcantara (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia):

You are located in the middle of #5 heading the down the U-shape.

Dennis Alcantara (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia):

You are located at #5 in the middle section heading down the U-shape. You are wearing a dark blue jacket
with a tie and of course the orange/pink cap. And the person next to you, a lady whose also wearing a dark blue jacket.

Chris Anderson (Newcastle, Australia):

Congrats Boeing! Randy, you r standing in the 5 almost directly inline of the first emergency exit door of the fuselage, looks liek a black jacket and the woman next to you also looks like she has a black jacket.

great to see the 737 still doing so well, can't wait to see the 10,000th sold!

Hermes Huang (Cupertino CA ):

You're standing in the middle of the "5" behind the guy in the green shirt wearing a black jacket next to the blond woman with a black jacket, yeah?

Hermes Huang (Cupertino CA):

haha, aww, I didn't realize these comments were moderated. I was wondering how there were no comments yet. I've been reading this blog for years, and I was wondering why there were no comments on this post yet, HAHA. oh well.

Chris C (South Africa):

Randy, very cool photo. Congratulations on this milestone achievement for this incredible airplane; the 737NG is, without question, a great airplane.

You're standing in the "first 0" of 8,500, just above the middle area on the right hand side, wearing your orange cap with a black jacket. The gentlemen next to you (your right) is wearing a brown jacket??

Either way, very cool.

Jim K (Paris France):

Is that you at the bottom of the number 5 - Your jacket is brown and you sweater is purple. The 2 people next to you both have blue jackets...

Adrian Santos (Sagamihara, Japan):

Hi Randy,

I think you're standing in the 5, with some guy in purple in front of you and another one with a light green jacket to your 10 o'clock.

This was fun! Thanks in advance!



John (Oslo,Norway):

My wild guess is that you are in the middle of the number 5.You have an open black or dark blue jacket,and to your left is a female? with black jacket.

Randy Tinseth:

Michael -- congratulations; yours is the first comment we received that correctly identifies me!

Drop me a comment with your address information and we'll send you the prize. And great job, everybody -- I count (so far Sunday morning) more than 25 correct entries!

Randy Tinseth:

Hermes, you're right -- these comments ARE moderated. But trust me -- you're glad that they are. Unless, of course, you're looking for great deals on fake Swiss watches and bootleg copies of the latest Harry Potter movie.

Randy Tinseth:

Daniel -- that's me!

David E (Galiano Isld,BC,CA):

It looks like you, Randy,with the orange Boeing hat, standing in the '5', on the outside edge of the 'no pedestrian' line. With the black jacket, and next to you is a fellow in a light pastel green jacket

Richard M (New South Wales):

Well Done BOEING on this significant event.
Interesting Yellow Transporter.

Thanks Randy for the fun audience participation game !

How about doing the same for 8888 ?
With Cape Cod watches for prizes? :)

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

8,500 and counting, it wont be long until we see the 10,000th order. It looks like the "5" is a good place to find you and not a $5 Rolex or a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 DVD with shaky fuzzy footage and silhouettes of people "not part of the film" walking around. Thank goodness for monitors, I see "that" almost everyplace else I blog.

Bill S. (Mesa, AZ):

You are on the lower right-hand vertical leg on the "5" and you are in a blue/black jacket as is the person standing on your left. To your lower right is a person in a light green jacket.

Paul Thompson (Frederickson, WA):

I think you and your friend are at the very top of the "5". You are both wearing the same colored hat, and one of you has on a grey jacket, and the other has a blue jacket with a maroon shirt under the jacket.

Don Rice (STL):

Near the top left corner of the "5". You are wearing a brown jacket and the gentleman to your left is wearing the same cap and a blue jacket.

Andrew (Spokane, WA, USA):

Now if only I had one of those fancy CSI gadgets that can take a blurry photo and magically bring it into perfect focus :-).

It's not an original guess but I'm going with the vertical stroke on the right side of the '5' next to the person with the lime green jacket. You are wearing either a dark blue or black jacket.

J.Baird (Lacey, WA):

SWAG - you are in the red coat in the upper half(lower rh side) of the 8 black coat/blue shirt next to you with blond behind

Biswas Ray////Hyderabad (India):

Great game.

I too think that you are the one in no.5 vertical storke below two yellow jackets and behind a lady in green dress, also a guy in blue shirt.

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

Randy, great story! 8500 aircraft... simply smazing. Thanks for sharing it.

Albert (Ontario, Toronto, Canada):

Hey Randy. I think you're at the top of the first 5. Top left to be precise. You both have bright orange caps and one of you has a blue jacket, purple shirt and the other one of you has a black jacket and a blue shirt. The two of you are near a guy who has a sign with blue letters

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