New timeline for Dreamliner

It’s the question everyone has been asking: When will Boeing deliver its first 787? The answer is we expect to deliver the first Dreamliner to ANA in the third quarter of this year.

This new date allows us to complete flight testing, certify the plane, and install and test updated software and new electrical power panels as an outcome of the Laredo, Texas incident.

Today Scott Fancher, the general manager of the 787 program, is meeting with his management team to talk about how bringing new innovation to customers can be challenging and about the plan moving forward.

Our top priorities for 2011 are delivering the Dreamliner along with our other development program, the 747-8. We look forward to making all of that happen.

To read more about the new timeline, check out the full news release here.

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Bob J (Woodland, CA):

It's too bad that there was another slip, but I'm glad that there is a safety aspect that is not being compromised by pressure from the airlines to get the aircraft in their hands. Reading past statements it's all about the buck to them, not getting a safe aircraft.

I am more concerned about the latest news from Delta looking at the A320NEO and the C series for 200 aircraft with Boeing not offering up anything new in the single isle category. I certainly hope there is something in the works that has just not been announced yet that will combat this surge in interest of the other guys.

Sachin Galgalikar (Everett, WA):

That's great news! Am sure ANA is looking forward to flying this fantastic aircraft. How many 787s do you think we will deliver by end of 2011? Cheers!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

As long as it has taken I will be thrilled to see the first delivery of the 787 to ANA and with plenty of 787s waiting on the on the ramp, further deliveries will come quickly.

Barun Majumdar (Seattle, WA, USA):

Speaking of innovation, I always think of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple who started working on his innovation in his garage. Oftentimes, an innovation can't be targeted by a management team.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Innovation encircles the world. -Albert Einstein

A. Ziel (San Diego, CA, USA):

Bringing an airplane that will be a game-changer is always a great challenge and looking forward to Boeing deliver its first 787.

Little concerned with the latest news of ETOPS certification.

I read an excellent book "How Boeing Defied the Airbus Challenge" written by one of your retired executives Mohan R. Pandey.

The book (page 195)says "unlike in the 777 program, neither Boeing nor Airbus has to contend any longer with the uncertainty of promulgation of new standards to permit ETOPS at entry. With the new ETOPS rules in place, now it is just a matter of execution."

It appears to me ETOPS challenge on the 777 was much greater than for the 787, and Boeing failed on the execution on the 787 ETOPS. Based on what I learned from Mr. Pandey's book the 787 will be severely crippled without ETOPS certification at entry into service. Do you agree with this assessment? Hope Boeing is doing everything it can to assure at least 180 min ETOPS at entry.

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