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The secret weapon to shake up long-haul travel is now airborne in the form of a new Boeing 777-300ER. About a year ago the folks at Air New Zealand invited me and one of my colleagues to a “secret location” to check out something they’ve been keeping under wraps for quite a while. The revolutionary product they unveiled back then is now in the skies after taking delivery of their 777-300ER just before the holidays.


An early Christmas present

Boeing handed over the huge Christmas present to Air New Zealand complete with a giant gift tag. I even took some photos with Santa in front of a tree decked out in the airline’s new colors. And once you see how the plane is decked out on the inside, you’ll understand why there was plenty of holiday cheer.


Larry Loftis, general manager of the 777 program, Santa and Randy

I got to ride on the delivery flight’s first leg from Paine Field in Everett to Los Angeles. To say the experience is mind blowing is an understatement. From the moment you step on board, you’re in sensory overload.


Relaxing in business class

Air New Zealand’s main focus for their new fleet of 777-300ERs is on the passenger. In fact, they even created a new experience in Economy including sleep pillows that attach to your headrest. In Premium Economy, you’ll find leather Spaceseats that make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a luxury car. Seats in the center are designed for couples who want to face each other while sharing a meal or playing games. For those of us flying alone or who just want some peace and quiet, snag a seat along the outer space of the cabin. Perhaps best of all, your seat tilts back and slides forward when you recline—guaranteeing the person in front of you can’t get in your personal space. Check out what I mean in the video below.

When it’s time to eat, induction ovens make it possible to serve up a better burger. How about a pizza for lunch? Done! You can even order snacks with the touch of a screen as you watch a movie. And what better way to enjoy a delivery flight than with a glass of the bubbly like I did.


Champagne at 30,000 feet

Air New Zealand has ordered five of our 777-300ERs with an option for two more. We’re thrilled to see how our product is helping provide a new level of customer service when it comes to long-haul flights. We hope you’ll have the chance to come aboard soon.

Check out a another perspective on the all new Air New Zealand 777-300ER.

Comments (11)

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

That's an incredible marketing drive by Air New Zealand -- hugely impressive! And a great plane yet again

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

Cool Randy, thanks for sharing!

I've flown on Air New Zealand's 767-300 ER's to the South Pacific - and the service is exceptional. The new infrastructure will be a great bonus! It looks really neat inside.

Felipe L. (São Paulo, SP, Brazil):

That interior is really amazing. It seens very confortable, even on the Economy Class.

Nice job Boeing and Air New Zealand! Congratulations Randy for the great blog.

Patricia Williams (Renton, WA):

This plane is absolutely beautiful, totally blew my mind.

Freddy Hagens (Everett, WA):

"In Premium Economy, you’ll find leather Spaceseats that make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a luxury car."
Randy please entice our 787 airline customers to do similar for the often forgotton economy class!

Susan Haskins (Everett, WA):

I'll have to take another trip to New Zealand and try out the new premium economy seats. They look much more comfortable!

Sachin Galgalikar (Everett, WA):

I flew on Air NZ last year on their trans-Pacific route and their service was exception - even in economy, you get a choice of wines!! Which other airline does that? Now, with all these enhanced features, can't wait to board one of these 777-300ERs soon.


Thanks once again, a really cool story.Please see if you could show us what the pilot goes through to fly a Boeing plane.A typical day in the life of an Boeing airline pilot.How they got started flying.Why they like Boeing planes.Maybe take us through pre-flight to landing.
We build these wonderful airplanes and it would be so cool to just see how the men and woman who fly
them do it.
Love your work!God bless you.

tom (Germany):


"To say the experience is mind blowing is an understatement. From the moment you step on board, you’re in sensory overload."
that's the first impression - for sure.
But on a night flight to NZ one will switch off the eyes and the legs, the a...rms,, ,ears become the main sensors after an hour or two!
It's all about space and noise!

Economy class will become tough - premier e. will be a huge improvement!
But only vey few airliners offer "premier" ecomnomy class!
P.S.: Don't misunderstand me - a nice first impression is important, especially for long flights!

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

Both 777-200LR and -300ER are technological marvels, although some airlines pack the economy class too densely. In that respect, the 767's 2-3-2 seating is very economy class friendly. Too bad that we didn't get to see the 767 NG but I am hoping there will be 777NG that equals the success of 737 NG.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The 777 is the plane I want to be in for long haul flights and Air New Zealand's Premium Economy looks like no other upgraded economy I have ever seen.

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