Dreamliner milestone

The 787 Dreamliner team now has 1,000 reasons to smile. On Wednesday, the Dreamliner took its 1,000th flight. The milestone was reached when test plane ZA004, one of seven planes taking part in flight testing, landed in Yuma, Arizona. Chief pilot Mike Carriker says the airplane continues to behave well in testing.


ZA004 frames Mt. Rainier during a flight test earlier this year.

The Dreamliner has now racked up a total of more than one million miles to date. But the bigger deal doesn’t have anything to do with the number of flights, miles or hours logged. What’s most important is the Dreamliner has now completed about 80 percent of the flight test conditions with Rolls-Royce engines and just over 60 percent for those with GE engines.

Congratulations to everyone involved for reaching this milestone.

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jake (Passaic, NJ):

can't wait to see Dreamliners filling the sky. IMHO this plane may be the DC-3 of the 21st century! Can you post a link to a high-res version of the above picture? -Thanks

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

That is EXCITING news! Lets hope for smooth sailing in the months ahead so the game changing Dreamliner can enter revenue service later this year.

Carl Isom (Seattle):

Can't wait for the first delivery. A LOT of people have been working VERY hard to make this happen. Watch your stock prices take off with the first delivery! I hope they televise the first delivery. I really would like to see it. That WILL BE A HISTORY MAKING MOMENT FOR BOEING!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

1,000,000 miles, 100,000+ employees, 10,000+ line workers, 1,000 flights, nearly 100 * nine orders to date and the 787-10 back in serious consideration makes for the 1st airliner designed and built in the twenty-first century. Congratulations on the milestone.

Adolfo (Hong Kong):

I am still waiting for this bird to cross the Pacific and visit HK. Maybe soon as ANA flies heavily to HK.

Ty (Phoenix, Az):

Just one simple question:
What's the latest schedule- when will this baby be deployed?

John, (Vancouver) (BC):


In the 787 Model Summary through February 2011 Ethiad Airways engine choice (GEnx) is not included.
GE and also Etihad Airways have confirmed that GEnx is the chosen engine for their 787s.
The Boeing site requires updating, marked in brackets.
Thanks for your attention to this data.


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Subtotal 31 - 31

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