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Here’s a statistic that is truly incredible. Every few seconds of every day, two Boeing 737s take off or land somewhere in the world. It speaks not only to the popularity of the airplane, but also to the safety and dependability of this airline workhorse.

The Boeing 737-300, -400 and -500 have a safety record that we’re extremely proud of. That’s why we have people on the ground right now working side by side with our customers— making sure they have everything they need to complete the inspections following last Friday’s incident onboard a 737-300.

Boeing has issued a service bulletin and the FAA issued an airworthiness directive calling for the closer inspection of approximately 175 airplanes from the 737-300, -400 and -500 series that have more than 30,000 life cycles (each cycle represents one takeoff and one landing). This applies only to these models which have a specific lap joint design no longer used in production of our airplanes. As other airplanes with the same design approach 30,000 life cycles, they’ll also undergo the same inspections.

All of our Next-Generation 737s incorporate a new design that is significantly different. That design greatly reduces the amount of bending during pressurization, thereby reducing fatigue cracking. It was part of our commitment to constantly improve and enhance our 737 family that continues to this very day.

Those changes continue with the new Boeing Sky Interior, which can be seen with your own eyes. Other changes, like the upcoming feature to improve fuel consumption by another 2 percent, will be felt by our customers. Regardless of whether we decide to build a brand new airplane, the 737 will continue to be the market leader for years to come.

We have great confidence in the ongoing investigative process with the NTSB, the FAA and our customers that ensures a safe and efficient global air transportation system. If it yields an even better way to improve our product, we fully embrace it.

Safety is our top priority. Always has been—always will be. No other jetliner family has matched the endurance of the 737 and we don’t expect that to ever change. But learning about our in-service product, and building improvements back into our design and production system, are at the heart of how we make our products more useful to our airline customers.

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Jack Bates (Honolulu, HI):

Extremely well written Randy. Nice to see you and Boeing hitting the situation head on.

Grace Feng Hsu (Kirkland, WA):

Like your comments! Enjoy the safety record of 737. When I worked for Boeing, I traveled with the CAS people and other experts to train the airlines how to maintain the airplanes. We are always doing proactive and preventive works. This is one of the reasons why airlines are buying the Boeing products.

Dave Anderson, retired Boeing Product Development (Seattle):

Right on, Randy. I can tell you from my time working on Boeing's new commercial products that our regular communication with the customers and FAA and our data mining of the fleet's events result in the incorporation of continuous improvements, many of which are retrofitted back into the existing fleet. Safety has never been a tradeable option, but instead is the foundation of the Boeing design.

Floyd Roe (Mesa, AZ USA):

I am proud of Boeing products and the approach being taken to understand root cause for the recent structural incident. I believe our customer SWA Crew, including the cabin crew demonstrated the professionalism found throughout the industry and they are further testament to the progress Aviation has made and continues to make in our endeavor to provide the safest, most cost effective mode of transportation to the traveling public.

I believe the crew collectively did a superb job handling this surprise event and getting everyone safely on the ground in what must have been a very frightening event for their customers.

What is not made as clear in the articles I have read are the structural redundancies and design features of the B-737 that enabled continued flight and contol even after such a significant fatigue failure.

It would be interesting to know how many safely completed flights and hours of service, including cycles the heritage B-737 fleet has delivered over the years of service.

Thanks for the statistic referring to 2X B-737 T/O and Ldgs each second of every day.

Thank you for the up to date information!

Frederick Graber (Austin, Texas):

Boeing gets an A+ for keeping the public informed - right from the start.

Russell (London):


Are you sure you got the math right? 2 starts and landings per every second of a day would be 13 flights per day for any ever build 737.

Anyway, no doubt the 737 is a safe plane.


jmx53 (Eugene, Oregon):

I would not hesitate to fly on a 737, or any other Boeing built aircraft.

Daniel Gonzalezrubio (Barranquilla-Atlantico-Colombia- SouthAmerica):

Dear Randy I know the 737 is the birreactor more sold in the word, in Colombia Aires Airline, has 9 of this Aircraft but 737/700, they are flying too good, also Aero Sucre used to fly with 737/200, they are so old but they are flying well as Cargo.
Best regards
Daniel Gonzalezrubio Moreno
Comercial Pilot

Alfredo Rodriguez (Cabimas, Zulia, venezuela.):

And what do you do about Boeing 737-200 series, because in my country there are about twenty-one planes flying right now?

i think The Boeing Products are the best around the world.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I am glad action is being taken concerning the fatigue cracks of the skin, in that I have no reservation on flying on a Boeing 737 of any generation or any Boeing aircraft.

sivakumaran (Malaysia):

Yes, the 737 is an incredible plane!With proper scheduled maintenance, 737 should be one of the safest flying objects on earth!

flexable flier:

737s are great,can't wait to see the 737F,it'll be a game changer,

Dr. Hans-Juergen Schmidt (21614 Buxtehude, Germany):

As a menber of several FAA Aging Aircraft Committees, which were establisched after the ALOHA accident, I am very concerned about the situation. One of the Aging Aircraft actions was to review all parts susceptible for Widespread Fatigue Damage (WFD) and to define the so-called WFD parameters, i.e. Inspection Starting Point, Inspection Interval and Structural Modification Point. The in-service result shows, that the analyses for the Longitudinal Lap Joints were unconservative.

Best regards from Germany

Hans-Juergen Schmidt

Beck Nader (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil):

Crystal and clear! Good it can be fixed almost immediately after it was found.

On the 737 models, please forgive me for my nostalgia, but the 200 is the most delicious to fly!

Jason (Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.A):

This is in response to Russell (london)'s post, The information is correct, Every 7 seconds, a Boeing 737 take's off or lands somewhere in the world. Kudos to The Boeing Company for being proactive in their approach to this situation, That is why, in my opinion, there are no better aircraft in the world then Boeing aircraft

Jason (Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.A):

One other reflection, Two weeks before it happened, I was on the same Aloha 737 whose upper fuselage ripped away in mid-flight, That is a testament to how Boeing builds its aircraft, They are built to last!!!

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

Always its my pleasure to see Randy on action with His great spirit of BRANDING BOEING FLEETS. TRULY, DEEPLY, MADLY I MUST say BOEING 737 all series (Classic and NG) are the BEST OF ITS BEST when safety and essence of marketing is concerned. BOEING 737-200 is the spirit to fly in the sky when you have small money in your pocket to capitalize the market among the travellers. on the other hand, 737-800 is the ultimate destination to take the command in the sky as Direct operating cost always speaks the truth. Blended Winglets proved its efficiecy along with great INNOVATION of BOEING SKY INTERIOR. Being an aviation Freak, I must say Boeing 733, 734, 735, 736 were the IDOL to learn the ultimate aristocracy to define market profitability. 738, 739 simply elaborated its identity to earn the benifit of single fleet planning. BOEING 737........THE HOME OF SAFETY.....ARGUABLY THE EVERGREEN AIRCRAFT THAT ROCKS THE SKY LIKE RAINBOW.....LONG LIVE 737.....

Christopher (Winston-Salem, NC , USA):

Great customer response by you Randy. I have flown on all generations of the 737. I have the utmost confidence in your products. If I may quote, " If it isn't Boeing, I'm not going!"
Best regards,

Cristobal Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

Hi Randy, Good to see you are proud of the product you make and that you work to make it safer for us. I have been a Boeing fan for years. I love the way 737's fly, the -200 is fun, the engines have a the deep bass sound that remind you of aged wine! The newer ones are pure delight. Long live Boeing, long live their builders!

alexander (usa):

i love the 737 its one of my favorite airplanes

Victor Khosrowian (Bellevue WA):

I am aircraft inspector 20 years and I have to add that first this accident it is not failier of inspection or quality of aircraft this is problem that airlines mechanics and inspectors must detect and monitor, as the aircraft, 737 it is best build aircraft with high quality and performance, but we need to focus on airlines mechanices and inspector to detect the problesm before it happens.

Michael Farrell (Denver, CO USA):

I strongly agree on the safety of the 737 series. I do not personally know anyone at Boeing, (except for faces on the news over the years) but I always feel a great sense of pride in the company and enjoy the commercials! Boeing clearly builds the BEST planes in the world and the airlines know that. I realise competition must exist, but Airbus should throw in the towel; they will never match Boeing quality! As the saing goes: If it ain't Boeing, I'm not going!

Vaidya Sethuraman (Chicago):

As a Boeing fan , I am somewhat concerned the 737 SW incident ; not because of any issues with the design ; but the optimistic estimate of the company that these planes would last for up to 60 K cycles.That does not sound like the conservative Boeing that we all know.
However, to Boeing's credit, they came clean and said they did not expect such a failure at the life cycle of the plane involved ; the plane did land safely as designed .And South West did the right thing by grounding them and checking for cracks.

Gerald McCray (3409 Main St #420:Vancouver, WA 98663-2246):

I've been labeled a "Boeing Nut" because like quoted above: "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!" and also hanging at Everett, WA aircraft facility. The Boeing 737 has always amazed me at how the comforts, engine noise and handling have and are constantly being updated and inserted in all Boeing aircraft. The Boeing 737-900 I've named "Queem of the Skies" because of a Houston to Portland, Oregon trip on a Continental Airlines in 2006. I sat in a seat about 2 rows in back of the left wing, watching the bright reflection of the flashing red strobe light under the aircraft belly. Boeing has created a superb aircraft in the 737 as its record of the top selling jet aircraft of all time. Congratulations, Boeing, for doing a superb job on all your products!

Ted Costopoulos (W,Roxbury,Ma. 02132):

BOEING in my opinion is the most comfortable , exotic , and most tested aircraft OF this world........I have flown airbus and in my personal opinion, BOEING simply destroys the competition. Oh you know airbus,yuk!!!!!

Abdulaziz (baharin ):

A good Airplane needs a good company so Boeing is the good manafacturer. Look to the future.

Benjamin Cebecik (turkey):

I like 737-800 especially curved wings, even my first flight was by an airbus

taposh (dhaka,bangladesh):

It's very difficult to find out negatives regarding 737 and the BOEING . But there is nothing parallel to B738. from 100 to 900ER its simply time machine.Because in past ,present and future every where is 737!!!!!!!!

Nicholas (Winston Salem):

The Best Aircraft Company In The World

Rick Searles (Colorado):

The southwest incident, like the Aloha incident years ago speak to the extreme ruggedness of the Boeing 737 by coming home inspite of extreme damage. Thank you Boeing for designing very rugged airplanes.

Sam (DFW, TX):

I've always been a supporter of Boeing for its unchallenged years of experience, innovations and adaptation of the latest technologies. Once I flew an Airbus A320 and was very disturbed by "fluttering" of one of the wing control surfaces while approaching a landing. I almost contacted a flight attendant. That experience only reinforced my confidence in Boeing airplanes.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Great comments here - great insight.

Great that you mention that the Next-Generation 737 has a different, improved design -- really underscores how much effort goes into keeping these planes not merely economic with the times, but also leading edge safe. The records speak volumes

jack (ireland):

boeing 737 safest plane ever!

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