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If you didn’t know better, you’d probably think the picture below was digitally altered. But this spectacular image is very real. This past Saturday, flight test photographer Leo Dejillas caught the 747-8 Intercontinental (RC001) and the 787 Dreamliner (ZA001) test airplanes flying side-by-side over Washington state.


A rare sight captured by photographer Leo Dejillas.

We’ve been able to capture plenty of beautiful images of these airplanes in solo shots, but as Dejillas said “To photograph them together is fantastic. It was a picture perfect moment.” Picture perfect indeed. You can click here to download a larger image that makes a great desktop background. By the way, the Boeing Store is making posters of this photo which will be available soon.

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mcpcshowcaseHD (St Helens, England, UK):

WOW! Stunning image. Two of the best looking planes ever to be built side by side. Wonderful!

George (Chicago):

This really is an incredible picture. Can a high-resolution electronic version of the picture be made available that could be used as desktop "wallpaper"?

Riley (Seattle, WA):

What a fantastic picture! I wish this was available for high-resolution download; I need a new desktop background for my computer!

Kudos to the photographer - absolutely stunning photo.

John Tami (Long Beach, CA):

Just think how many desktops though out the many facilities would have that shot, if someone had thought to put out a high resolution version. Great shot.

Ron D. Smith (Everett):

I'm sure the photo was taken in high resolution, especially if a poster is to be made from it. Randy, can you confirm?

Randy Tinseth (Renton, WA):

Hi all,

We're looking into whether a larger version of the photo can be provided. I'll pass along the details once I know more.

Daniel Ding (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Thanks Randy! That would be great if you could post up a high res version of the photo.

Sachin Galgalikar (Everett, WA):

Can't wait for the poster to come out so I can frame it and put it up. Wonderful image of our new planes set to enter service soon!

Jon Evans (Coral Springs, FL, USA):


Thank-you for this great photo!!!

It's quite rare to get a photo of two planes together that are in their flight testing phase. This is also why it makes this photo exciting to see.

Congratulations to all the Boeing teams that made this event possible. It is good to see these two great planes in the air together.

Keep up the good work and fly high!!!

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):


Most official(?) portraits are taken from 4-5 O'clock angle with respect to the A/C. I wanted to see one taken from 2-3 O'clock.

The 787 looks so small compared to the 748. If 8 is changed to 3 on the 787 tail fin, it might look as if Boeing had been secretly working on the 737 replacement!

Aileen (Seattle, WA):

I am so proud of Leo, my brother. Great shot!

al jones (Huntington Beach):

At some other appropriate time a photograph showing those two planes arranged vertically would be interesting. This shot appears to make the 787 smaller than it really is.

Randy Tinseth (Renton, WA):

I've added a link in the post that takes you to a larger image available for download. Enjoy!

Nancy (Longacres):

What a beautiful shot of two beautiful birds! Gives me a case of goose-bumps because the shot is so perfect. Many kudos to Leo - this photo is fantastic!!!

James (Honolulu, Hawaii):

Beautiful photo. I love the 'flame' orange paint job on the 747-8i, would like to see what a 787 looks like in that livery. As always, the 787 is a beautiful airplane. The upward sweep of its wings is graceful and unusual.

James Baloun (Palo Alto, California):

I love the way the paint scheme can be varied. The blue dreamliner, the red/orange 747, the easily seen oversize 8 on the 747 tail and the simple, 'down to business' stripe of the working test planes. All echoing the elegant swoop from nose to tail. Like the Coca-Cola swoop and many other famous classic logos, this one is a keeper.

Bruce (KSBP):

Nice shot, Randy; (I enlarged it to fit my 1680 x 1050 desktop). Colors and contrast are elegant. I think the stretched upper deck proportions visually work better on the longer aircraft, even if the serrated fan nozzles appear poised to extrude fresh maltaglati (...make mine al-dente.)

Get these out to your sales team; the photo just screams cutting edge product prestige; it's got the emotional hook to get a prospect over the edge and signing.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Super dupper awesome!

Well, they have similar range, near similar speeds (similar interiors, similar engines). They could be up there for a while..

T Rennie (Wellington,NZ.):


V V (Montreal, Quebec):

The contrast of colors is simply stunning.

Lee parker (London uk):

Great picture!
My car in the UK has FLY 787A as it's registration number

If your marketing team in the UK would like it on a Boeing vehicle, please contact me!

Rgds Lee

Dave Balton (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.):

Hey Randy- fantastic shot. Now let's push for the 787-9 to come out in a green version of this livery....you know the 787-9 can be promoted as a "green" airplane! Make it happen!!

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

Wow, AWESOME shot.... of two amazing aircraft!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Very nice shot, two of the newest jetliners and the first planes of the decade flying side by side.

james green (bedford uk):

stunning photo. great definition.

Skinny (Seattle):

What a spectacular picture. Good job my friend leo. This is called two birds in one stone.


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