The Flight

For anyone who loves airplanes, the passion usually begins at a young age. That’s why I was so impressed to learn that the 9 year old daugther of a Qatar Airways executive had written a short journal. In it, Sofia Martin-Fouroohi documents being on the delivery flight from Washington state to Doha on Qatar Airways’ 25th 777 airplane.


Our youngest guest blogger ever— 9 year old Sofia with Boeing delivery center employee Tanjer Gillard.

Not only does Sofia have a promising career as a writer, but she could also go into sales and marketing. Below, you’ll find her story she calls “The Flight.”

Have you ever been on a delivery flight? My mom kept saying “You’re the first kid ever on a Qatar Airways delivery flight!” It was very exciting. I got to pick wherever I sat. I even did ten push-ups in the back! Qatar Airways is a very luxurious airline. When I sat in business class, it felt like first class! It was very special because the plane was the 25th 777 Qatar Airways got. Some of the chairs even have massagers! The chairs can even turn into beds! In the back there was a hidden door that leads to an upstairs where there were eight beds! I saw the movie Tangled; it’s a really good movie! There were lots of movies to pick through, I almost couldn’t decide! Boeing airplanes are very cool! I love the 777. It’s very big and flies very smoothly! It was extra cool; I even went into the cockpit before takeoff! If you fly, fly Qatar Airways!


Sofia and the Qatar Airways crew prepare to take their delivery flight.

My thanks to Sofia and our friends at Qatar Airways for such a great guest post.

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Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Hey Everybody!

Did you notice the wing profile next to the wing center box? It is the most "delicate" (gracious) wing design I have ever seen on a big wide body aircraft. You can't imagine the pleasure I feel whenever I pay attention to that wonderful huge detail. Just Boeing can do that! Many triple-congratulations to the engineers from Boeing!

Jim Hasstedt (Everett, WA, USA):

Very nice. Definitely a budding writer, and possibly a future Boeing spokeswoman!

Heather Piw (england):

What a great story. Love her use of exclamation points . I feel the same way about the 777! Best wishes Sofia and good luck with your writing .

Sachin Galgalikar (Everett, WA):

Sofia is a very lucky girl - not many kids can get to have this kind of experience. Very well written travelog! Definitely a future Boeing employee in communications.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

It is never to early to find an interest even at an early age and hone in on it. Sophia's article is very well written. I think she will do well in school and will have a promising career in what ever she chooses.

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

That is a GREAT story! What a lucky girl. I bet she will do well in the future. Now about the hidden door and the beds. I will remember those next time I am stuck flying coach class on the 777. :) lol

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