Continuing the tradition

As some of Boeing’s baby boomer workforce approaches retirement, we’re doing everything we can to ensure their wealth of knowledge is passed along to new Boeing employees currently on the job. We’re also looking at where the next generation of workers will come from.

This week, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire announced she’s directing $3 million dollars in federal workforce funds to help develop the skills needed to work in the aerospace industry. That money will help train hundreds of students in Washington state who are pursuing careers in aerospace.


Governor Gregoire makes her announcement inside the Renton factory with Boeing executives and union leaders.

It’s great news for places like Renton Technical College, the Washington Aerospace Training Center in Everett, and the Inland Northwest Aerospace Technology Center in Spokane. With this funding, they’ll be able to recruit and train students with new equipment. It’s also great news for Boeing as we look for the best and brightest to continue our tradition of excellence. From the new tanker contract to the production rate increases across all of our products, the demand for highly skilled workers has never been greater.

The governor’s announcement came inside our Renton factory, where work just started on a 75,000 square foot building expansion in preparation for our rate increases on the 737 (currently 31.5 a month—- going to 35 airplanes a month later this year and 38 a month in the second quarter of 2013). This will free up space in final assembly and is just part of the plan as we step up in rate. Hundreds of employees will be added to the Renton site.


Expansion underway in Renton.

We’ll definitely miss our retiring employees who’ve dedicated their lives to Boeing and who stand behind the products they make every day. But by tapping their brains before they leave—and with key investments in the next generation—we look forward to continuing their proud tradition. For more on careers at Boeing, check out our new Facebook page.

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Jim Hasstedt (Everett, WA, USA):

I'm one of those baby-boomers, and while I agree this is good news for Boeing, I question whether it's the best use of very limited funds in the current economy when cuts are being made in social services and other areas of education. I didn't realize we were hurting for aerospace applicants here at Boeing, but then again I have to admit there may be guidelines for use of "federal workforce funds" that I'm not familiar with. Perhaps the old adage applies here: never look a gift horse in the mouth. : )

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

You can't put a value on education and training. A placed investment of $3 million is a small price that will result in a better skilled workforce, quality products in tune to market demands and a return in investment.

Tim (Kent wa):

Renton Tech has a great program and staff. Glad to see them factored into the larger employment picture in this region.

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