Do you believe in magic?

The Boeing Sky Interior (BSI) has landed on yet another continent. GOL Airlines in Brazil just took delivery of a Next-Generation 737-800 with BSI, becoming the first South American carrier to fly with the new interior. You may remember that GOL was a launch customer for the new interior. The airline’s marketing team says its customers will absolutely know they are flying GOL as soon when they step inside one of their cutting-edge, cost effective airplanes with the new look. Here’s a video of them showing it off in Portuguese.


GOL Airlines

The Boeing Sky Interior has seen a lot of “firsts” over the past few months. In March, Copa Airlines in Panama became the first carrier in all of Latin America to fly with BSI on its new 737-800.


Copa Airlines

And just last week, American Airlines took delivery of its first BSI airplane— also a 737-800. It’s an important part of American’s ongoing initiative to modernize the look and feel of its 737 fleet interiors. You can check out their video here.


American Airlines

With the exception of Antarctica (which doesn’t have a commercial airline), only Africa doesn’t have a carrier with Boeing Sky Interior— and that will change before the end of the year when we deliver to another customer. As the orders keep pouring in, it’s clear that almost all future Next-Generation 737s will have BSI— making it the standard for single-aisle jets. We like to say that BSI is helping airlines and their customers reconnect to the magic of flying. And it’s very clear the magic is spreading all over the globe.

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Mack McCall (Houston, TX, USA):

Just arrived back in the US from a vacation trip to Brazil. Flew on four 737s (Continental, COPA and GOL), one of which was a (or the) COPA 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior, on Sat May 7th from Panama City - Panama to Sao Paulo - Brazil. The BSI added a great deal to the flight atmosphere, and the overhead bin arrangement provided exceptional headroom and carryon luggage space. The LED lighting in differing colors and shades, from sky blue for takeoff/evening, to beige/orange for sunset meal service, to dark blue for night sky added greatly to the flight. However, COPA did not use blended transitions between the colors. They abruptly changed between color schemes, which detracted from the ambiance. Is there a way to recommend/train airlines in the "art" of blending the color schemes to enhance the mood effects?

Evelyn Massey (Alberta):

I enjoyed the video in Portuguese since I travel down there often. Waiting anxiously to try out the extra headroom .

jmx53 (Eugene, Oregon):

Are older 737's able to be retrofitted with the new Sky interior? If so, will any operators decide to do this?

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, OR):

Randy, thank you for sharing those photos of the upgraded 737-800, which is clearly sporting the nicest interior in the class.

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

Yes, I do believe in magic... I like especially the business class seats of the 737 with BSI - they make shorter routes a fairy tale... Who needs here twin aisles (gossip) - Boeing 787 type engines would make the 737 invincible...

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

The new Sky Interior really gives a new look and prospective to the otherwise cramped looking cabin. I particularly like the blue configuration selected by Copa and American Airlines.

Chris C (South Africa):

I flew on flydubai's brand-new 737-800 that was equipped with the new Boeing Sky Interior. My flight was from Kabul, Afghanistan to Dubai, UAE. I can honestly say that I was extremely impressed with the new interior. It was a very fresh interior compared to other 737-800s that I've flown on, and I can honestly say that I'll go out of my way to travel on a BSI equipped 737-800. It's the way of the future and much appreciated. Keep it up Boeing...can't wait for 787 and 747-8I!

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