Everything's gone green

We thought the new Sunrise livery for the 747-8 Intercontinental was a head turner. But when it comes to liveries, S7 Airlines in Russia may have one of the most eye catching you’ll ever see. Their new Next-Generation 737-800 was certainly easy to spot as it left Boeing Field last week decked out in green with the airline’s red logo.


S7’s 737-800 takes off at Boeing Field.

The occasion was special for Boeing, marking the first 737-800 delivery to Russia directly from our production line. This is the first of 10 Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes that S7 has ordered. The airline will receive its second airplane next month.

The airline has also posted a time-lapse video showing each step of the production process— including the final paint job on their new airplane. Check it out here.

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Ron Perich (Hazelwood, MO):

Great color for a great plane. The video was fantastic!

Janet (Salt Lake City):

Very nice video.. in super high speed. Also like the paint job!

Tim (Maryland):

Randy ? that plane looks more like a Mountain Dew advertizement

Scott McMurren (Anchorage, Alaska):

We had a nice visit with James F. Albaugh today here in Anchorage. Your boss, right? He addressed our annual exporter's lunch. Very insightful comments about Boeing, about engineers and the "intellectual disarmament" of America. Wake up! Those of us on the Last Frontier spend a fair amount of time aboard Boeing equipment, btw...
scott mcmurren

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

S7's unique livery and name makes their aircraft stand out at the airfield and at the check-in counter.

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