European Vacation

When two of the stars of the Paris Air Show left Le Bourget last week, they still had some stops to make in Europe. And let me tell you, they got the rock star treatment.

When the 787 landed in Warsaw, you would have thought U2 was arriving for a special concert. From onboard the airplane, our crew said it looked like the entire city turned out to catch a glimpse. Air traffic control was even telling other pilots in the air to look out their windows to see the Dreamliner. Much to the delight of the crowd, the 787 did a touch and go before coming in for landing.


Talk about a warm welcome in Warsaw.

The airplane also received a water cannon salute as it taxied in for a visit with LOT Polish Airlines, which will be the first European customer to receive a 787.

After leaving Warsaw, the airplane headed for Berlin to see airberlin, which will be the first German carrier to receive a Dreamliner.


A beautiful landing in Berlin.

The 747-8 Freighter was also busy after the Paris Air Show, making a stop in Luxembourg to visit launch customer Cargolux. A crowd of more than 1,000 waited to watch the airplane arrive at Luxembourg Wednesday night, even though airport issues at Le Bourget caused it to be a couple hours late. The following day happened to be Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Birthday celebration — the country’s national holiday. So Cargolux held a family day for its employees, complete with food, drinks and, as a centerpiece, a tour of the 747-8. In the end, about 1,100 Cargolux employees and their families and friends toured through the airplane. It was a great event for Cargolux, and for the Boeing flight test crew that served as their host.


The 747-8 Freighter looks beautiful in Luxembourg.

The attention our airplanes received in Europe shows just how excited our customers and the flying public are about what’s to come later this year. In fact, we’re getting closer to first delivery every day. Both the 787 and the 747-8 have begun function and reliability (F&R) testing, and the 787 has begun extended operations (ETOPS) demonstration (ETOPS testing isn’t required for the 747-8). This is the final phase of flight testing prior to certification. These are huge steps for both programs. F&R testing simulates airline operations, and ETOPS adds engine-out conditions during long flights. Our teams are thrilled to achieve these milestones and we’re looking forward to first delivery of both airplanes with great anticipation.

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Mark W (NYC USA):

Great milestones and great events in support of these two great aircraft, and everyone who will be involved with them. Way to go once again Boeing!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I remember the old adage when Virgin Atlantic came out with the A340-600, there was a note near the back of the aircraft that said "Mine's Bigger Than Yours". Of course the A340-600 was never the biggest passenger plane in the sky at the time nor was it even the largest aircraft in Virgin's fleet but it was the longest civilian aircraft of the time. When Cargolux gets its first 747-8, they will have a plane that is bigger "longer" than any other other civilian aircraft in the world. Congrats to Boeing and Cargolux!

Gerald Goepal (Detroit Motor City):

Love the reference to one of my favorite Chevy Chase movies ever. The second picture is so clear it almost doesnt look real . Beautiful!!!

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Wow! the post air show event is also fantastic. The 787 landing in Berlin is superb. Hoping the two planes can visit Malaysia.

Mike Urquhart (Charleston, SC. USA):

What a thrill for the team at BSC to physically experience first hand, that their efforts have brought to fruition a truly great plane!

Dan Thomas (Everett, WA, USA):


I can not believe you did not include a link to the most appropriate song for the title of this installment.

Anyway, thanks for showing our products to more customers along the way, "taking the long way home" from Paris.


jay (Tukwilla WA):

It is especially great to see our new airplanes touring the world and visiting our customers. We should all be proud of our new airplanes models and their future contribution to commercial aviation.

We also need to thank Randy, and others, for giving us some running dialog on current events and a personal view behind them. This sure keeps the production and support of these airplanes real and exciting.

Well done everyone. Go Boeing!!

Patrick McArdle (Paine FIeld, Everett, WA, USA):


Thanks for this great report on the progress of our new airplanes! I've flown F&R on both, and ETOPS on Dreamliner, and all airplanes are performing beautifully as we head into the final certification testing.

Just a note for future reports: while the 747-8F does not need ETOPS testing, we will perform ETOPS testing on the 747-8 Intercontinental -- the first time Extended Operations rules will apply to a Boeing airplane with more than two engines. We're sure the 747 will meet this challenge as well.

Happy Landings!

Grace F Hsu (Kirkland, WA, USA):

Hi Randy!

Beautiful photos come with beautiful airplanes. Few months ago, heard "Total Certification!" for 787 Dreamliner, when 787 faced fire incident. Dream (Dreamliner) eventually comes to big Reality and BIG SUCCESS! Boeing GO!

Szymon Dembowy (Bothell, WA, USA):


Being from Poland and now living in Seattle area, I was very impressed about the Dreamliner visit to Poland and Germany. Very nice photos by the way. However, if I'm not mistaken LOT was bumped from the first in Europe to get 787 by TUI due to some order reshuffling. Can you confirm or deny?


Randy Tinseth:

Hi Szymon,

I'm so glad we were able to take the airplane for a visit in your homeland. LOT will indeed be the first European carrier to receive the Dreamliner. Thanks for asking!

Rossano Lamagna (Essex Montana U.S.A.):

Hey Randy,

I am glad FINALLY that the 787 is being delivered. I was getting quite worried. I also hope that the 747-8I passenger version will also sell in bigger numbers. Is there a way that you can convince the airlines to buy that plane? It would be great. I would be tickled pink to see more airlines buying it rather than the A380 which seems to be getting the Ooooooohs and Aahhhhhhs which really burns me up.


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