New coat of paint

Things seem to be changing by the day over at our 737 factory. A refurbished paint hangar at Renton Field is coming online in just a few weeks. This past Friday, a Solaseed Air 737-800 that had already been painted was rolled into the hangar to make sure all the equipment lines up as expected. This is the second paint hangar for Renton and will help increase our rate capacity to 38 airplanes a month in 2013.


Solaseed Air 737-800 rolls inside the refurbished paint hangar in Renton.

This hangar will also balance the painting work between Boeing Field and Renton. Currently about 1/5 of our Next-Generation 737s are painted in Renton. After this hangar comes online, about a third will get a new coat of paint in Renton. For all you trivia buffs, this refurbished hangar was once used to paint the 707 and 757.


A closer look inside the refurbished paint hangar.

If you haven’t heard of Solaseed, it’s the new brand and livery for Skynet Asia Airways of Japan. The airline will start flying under its new name next month.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Airlines will definitely enjoy shorter painting periods and reduced paint usage/better distribution with the new technology applied to the refurbishment of the paint hanger.

Jerry (phoeniz):

Still have fond memories of the 757 from back in the day .

Anthony N.Saparamadu (Sri Lanka.):

Dear Sir,I have worked for B707/B727/B737/B747/B757/B767/ in my 14 years airline service,and I have a great interest in BOEING company.I wish Boeing company a great success in the future.

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