Under Paris Skies

Not even today’s downpour at the Paris Air Show could stop the excitement surrounding the 787 Dreamliner. A steady stream of customers, suppliers and media climbed aboard the airplane today—so many that I didn’t even have a chance to get inside myself. I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I take some of our customers through the Dreamliner.


A brief break in the clouds allows the sun to shine down on the 787 Dreamliner at the Paris Air Show.

Speaking of customers, we made another big announcement this morning. UTair in Russia has agreed to buy 40 Next-Generation 737s. UTair is one of the largest Boeing operators in Russia and we’re thrilled to know they’ll be expanding their fleet.

That news comes on the same day that I accepted an award from Airline Economics Magazine. Calling it the gold standard, they’ve named the 737-800 as the aircraft of the year in their “Aviation 100” survey. And what better place to accept the award than inside airberlin’s 737 with the beautiful new Boeing Sky Interior.


The 737-800 is named aircraft of the year by Airline Economics Magazine.

Another one of our customers also made big news today (the surprise I referenced in yesterday’s blog). 787 launch customer ANA showed off the interior for its long-haul Dreamliners as well as its special livery (pictured below). I have to say the inside and out are truly striking and should be a huge hit with anyone who flies.


ANA reveals its special livery for the Dreamliner.


The new interior for ANA’s 787s.

As I mentioned in our 2011 Current Market Outlook last week, a number of things will need to happen to support the demand for commercial jetliners. Today at the air show, Sherry Carbary, vice president of Boeing Flight Services, released our 2011 Pilot and Technician Outlook. It shows that by 2030, there will be a need for 460,000 new pilots and 650,000 new technicians. Sherry didn’t mince words, saying we all need to step up to attract new generations of culturally diverse people to the aviation industry. She also rightly pointed out that nothing short of a transformation in air traffic management will be needed. Check out a video here to see what Boeing is doing to meet this challenge.


Pilots training in a 787 full-flight simulator.

I’m really looking forward to an event we have planned tomorrow. It’s our first-ever “tweetup” for all our fans who follow us on Twitter and here at Randy’s Journal. If you happen to be at the air show, I’ll be hosting the tweetup at noon Paris time at the spot pictured below— the Boeing pavilion by the 787 Dreamliner. As you’ll notice in the photo, I’m holding on to something special that I’ll bring along to the tweetup.


Getting ready for Thursday’s tweetup.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

Congrats on UT Air ordering 40 737-800! Airbus might be smoking with new A320NEO orders but the 737 isn't down and is far from out and it is still in the long run.

ANA really has a nice "cool color" interior to its 787. I think the two year delay of the A350 cannot hurt 787 sales in pretty much the slightest with the exception of a few A330s. Airbus too has hit the reality with the A350 as Boeing did with the 787. Who knows, maybe Boeing can gain a few orders for the 787 if an airline in undecided at the moment.

Elvin flores (Hyattsville,MD USA):

The best in airplanes is here

Grace F Hsu (Krikland, WA):

Big Congratulations to Boeing, esp. 737-800 and 787. Wish I were there with you guys! Very proud that Boeing is in my blood.

Chris C (South Africa):

I’m absolutely thrilled to see the phenomenal 747-8 family garnering additional interest! Without a doubt, the new, radically improved 747-8 will be a huge success in the large airplane market, as it offers the correct balance of exceptional economics and stellar performance capabilities. As far as I’m concerned, the 747 has always been the pinnacle of airborne excellence, and having flown the -400, it is by far the best handling airplane, ever! Congratulations on securing additional orders and commitments for the -8I and -8F at Paris Air Show 2011…the 747 was truly in the limelight; its rightful place! What’s crystal clear is that the -8 is virtually an all-new airplane in the shape of the iconic 747, and you don’t get better than that!

If my understanding is correct (please correct me if I’m wrong here, Randy), as of Wednesday 22nd June 2011, the 747-8 family orders and commitments are as follows?

747-8 Intercontinental Firm Orders:
1. Lufthansa: 20
2. Korean Air: 5
3. Unidentified: 2 (Announced during Paris Air Show 2011)
4. VIP: 8
Total -8I firm: 35

747-8 Intercontinental Commitments:
1. Air China: 5
2. Unidentified: 15 (Announced during Paris Air Show 2011)
Total -8I Commitments: 20

747-8 Freighter Firm Orders:
1. Cargolux: 13
2. Nippon Cargo: 14
3. Atlas Air: 12
4. Cathay Pacific: 10
5. Korean Air: 7
6. Volga-Dnepr: 5
7. DAE: 15 (10 Going to Emirates Sky Cargo and 5 Going to Qatar)
Total -8F Firm: 76

747-8 Freighter Commitments:
1. GECAS: 2 (Announced during Paris Air Show 2011)
Total -8F Commitments: 2

Very strong, healthy order book and commitments for, arguably, the world’s greatest commercial airplane!

Tom (Germany):


the "2011 Pilot and Technician Outlook" is an important piece of information - if one gets the right conclusions out of it.
E. g. the US Airforce/Navy/Army produce more UAV-pilots than "real" pilots. If the airliners want to use the UAV-pilots then the new a/cs must be flown like UAVs and not like the new tanker i.e. auto taxi, auto start,...auto land are needed.
Actually, most the technics are already available...
(A crew in 777 gets screwed up on JFK but a simple USD 300 handheld device leads a driver from a house in New York to a home in L. A.!)

Nikolay Klimchuk (New York):

Let me guess: is it 787-8 Executive Model ?
PS. Would be happy to get one...

Anthony N.Saparamadu (# 261,Church Road,Uswetakeiyawa,Kandana,Sri Lanka.):

I like Boeings very much ,I believe Boeing is the company which has nearly 100 years air plane manufacturing experience,it has offerd best & beautiful planes for the world people.Let me say my best wishes for the world passengers.Thanks!!!!!!!!.


Is the market punishing Boeing stock for not having a clear path forward for the 37 in light of all of the NEO orders? Or is there something else that is not so obvious?
It doesn't seem like we have made our case that the NEO will just be "catching up".

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, OR):

Wow, the market certainally has spoken! With Airbus busy the next few years with the NEO, this is an outstanding opportunity for Boeing to announce replacement aircraft to the 737 that crushes even the NEO's numbers. But it has to happen soon. Frankly, I think it was a mistake NOT announcing a replacement project at the Paris show.

That said, I hope Boeing addresses the lack of a 757 sized aircraft at the same time, as it was a popular plane. And while the 737-800/900 has extended it's range and capacity, it doesn't replace the 757. Hopefully the successor to the 737 will.

That said, sure glad to see some 747-I orders, as it is the perfect aircraft for markets a bit too large for the 777, yet a bit too small for the A380. And on that subject, I sure hope Boeing fast tracks a 787-1000, as that will take a little pressure off coming up with a replacement to the 777, at least for a short while. Allowing you to focus on the 787 and the 737 replacement.

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