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Unless you see it in person, it’s hard to describe the genuine outpouring of emotion and excitement surrounding the 787 Dreamliner’s first visit to Japan.


The Dreamliner touches down in Osaka.

As it made its way from Tokyo to Osaka for the first part of our week-long SROV activities, people began lining up for the chance to see the airplane the entire country has become attached to. The line of fans— young and old— snaked around the terminal at Itami Airport.


The excitement builds in Osaka as crowds line up to see the 787 for the first time.

After the 787 landed for validation testing with crews from Boeing and launch customer ANA, the crowd stood for hours on the observation deck under a sometimes blazing sun just to see the airplane.


Boeing and ANA crews begin SROV activities in Osaka.

After about four hours of SROV work, the 787 headed back to Tokyo with the pilots waving at the crowd through the cockpit windows. There’s no doubt the same scene will repeat itself when the airplane heads for Osaka’s Kansai airport, Okayama and Hiroshima later this week.

One day before the flight to Osaka, ANA welcomed the Dreamliner with a celebration inside one of its hangars in Tokyo’s Haneda airport. As hundreds waited inside, the massive hangar doors were opened to reveal the airplane decked out in ANA livery.


The Dreamliner makes a grand entrance during a ceremony in Tokyo.

The 787’s door was then opened to reveal Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh and ANA CEO Shinichiro Ito, who shook hands and waved to the crowd. During his remarks, Ito said “the Dreamliner was worth the wait.”


The CEO’s of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and ANA shake hands after coming off the 787.

Everyone from Boeing who made the trip over to Japan couldn’t be more thrilled to see this moment come. For many, it has been a labor of love. And for our customer ANA and the people of Japan, the love affair has just begun. By the way, we’re covering SROV with a special feature page all week on Click here to check it out.


A warm welcome at Haneda Airport.

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Shailendra (Mumbai):

I heared B787 Dreamliner will come to India next week, is it true??

Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

I stay here thinking to myself what is the sensation of having a shiny Boeing 787 stored in one's own hangar for a moment... Neither Mastercard can buy that moment!

Randy, your blog is exceeding expectations! Congratulations to you and to Boeing.

Paul Allard (Renton, WA):

What brought me to work at Boeing were the thrill of seeing airplanes in the sky, the hint of travel to exotic places, and the knowledge that Boeing was a highly respected company with a well built product. After 25 years I can add personal pride in our products. Your Blog evokes all of that. Thanks for the positive thoughts and the chance to share in the pride of the ANA employees. I also enjoyed the reference in your title to a Peter Frampton song!

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Shailendra,

The airplane is expected to go to Delhi and Mumbai after departing Japan. Keep an eye on your local media for details as we get closer.

Camilo (Renton,WA):

That picture of all the people lining up to see the plane a la Beatles circa 1960 is amazing. Makes me proud to work at this company, and I'm just an intern!


I wish major US airports also have observation decks.

This article reminds me of the Nagoya Air Show in 1971.
There were 260,000 people at the JASDF side of Komaki Airport, and one could barely see any aircraft. So people had to wait in lines to get on a podium (sometimes even an empty oil drum) to take their pictures.

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

GOD HAS CREATED THE PLANET, SO DOES BOEING BUILT 787 WITH THE SPIRIT OF INNOVATION. GREAT TO SEE ANA GOT 787 inside their hanger. 787 is THE BENCHMARK where ultimate sensitivity of exploration reaches its highest revolution. GREAT MOMENT FOR BOEING, CELEBRATION BEGINS FOR ANA, FEELING PROUD TO SEE 787 Commencing its first revenue flight. ROCK ON BOEING.

Tom (Germany):

congrats for the big show!
Will Air India get its on SROV?

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