Open arms in Oshkosh

We knew there was a lot of buzz over the 787 Dreamliner’s visit to Oshkosh, Wisconsin today. But we had no idea just how many fans would show up to see her. Check out this great video of the landing.


The 787 performs a flyby before landing in Oshkosh.

At one point, the line of cars streaming into the EAA AirVenture show stretched for five miles—and the line to actually go onboard the airplane seemed to stretch forever.


Fans turn out in force to see the Dreamliner.

Even though I couldn’t make the trip, our team that made the flight over was thrilled to show off the plane during the first ever public tour inside the Dreamliner. Fans young and old waited patiently for the chance to see the star of the show. One man even took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend while they were on the 787—and she said yes!


A beautiful day for a tour. Photo by Andrew Zaback/EAA 2011 Facebook page.

AVweb takes you inside the Dreamliner during today’s tour in this video.

The trip to Oshkosh wraps up a very exciting week for the 787 program. On Tuesday, the ninth 787 returned to Everett after being deployed to Guam for Function and Reliability (F&R) and extended operations (ETOPS) testing. On that return flight, the crew completed a maximum-endurance mission: the longest 787 flight to date, just over 18 hours. We’re now 2/3 of the way through F&R and ETOPS testing.

Congratulations to the entire 787 team—and thanks to all of our friends in Oshkosh for the incredibly warm welcome. Our apologies to those in the crowd who couldn’t get on board before we had to fly home. FlightAware and the Chicago Tribune also have some great photo galleries.


The smile says it all. Thanks to Mike Miley for the photo.

Comments (7)

Chris C (South Africa):

Randy, when is Boeing going to send the super-efficient 787 Dreamliner on an "African-Safari!"?

We'd absolutely love to see the magnificient 787 here in South Africa!

Please send ZA001 to South Africa soon! It's time this 21st-Century, revolutionary game-changing airplane graces our skies.

Perhaps South African Airways will been keen to have a peek inside the 787? ;)

Brian Nerheim (Edina, MN):

I was there Friday at the EAA Show Oshkosh to see and walk through the Dreamliner. Experiencing Bird one was the highlight of the entire show for me. Thank you very much Boeing for your up close visit. I'd like to take a ride in it some time...May be at next year’s show?

Ron S (Everett):

The 787 in Oshkosh? All I can say is Oshkosh B'Gosh!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The 787 is the quietest plane that I think I ever heard. I would have loved to have been at Oshkosh and walked inside the Dreamliner.

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):

The 787 is indeed magnificent!

I think I will manage to get on board the first ANA 787 commercial flight from Tokyo Narita to my hometown - Hong Kong this September!

Will you come to Hong Kong again?

Randy, is ZA233 (Air India's first 787 B-1 test flight)'s sensor failure a one-time event?

Brian (Iowa):

It was great seeing the 787 at Oshkosh and being able to tour the airplane. It's too bad you weren't able to make it, Randy. Thanks to everyone at Boeing who made this possible. It was a magnificent sight. And yes, I am one of those people standing in line! :)

Laurie Jorgensen (Chicago, Illinois):

Loved seeing the 787 at Oshkosh. It is truly a thing of beauty in the air! And so very quiet. I noticed a cone shaped object trailing off of the tail that I've never seen on another jet. Would you tell me what that is? thanks so much.

And thanks for bringing the Dreamliner to Oshkosh. We all got a huge kick seeing the word experimental painted over the doors too!

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