The Dream arrives in Japan

In what was a picture perfect moment, a rainbow made an appearance as the 787 Dreamliner decked out in ANA livery touched down in Japan for the first time. More than 1,000 people— almost all armed with a camera— turned out to witness history.


Look closely and you can see a rainbow forming thanks to the water cannon salute. The airplane landed Sunday morning (Japan time).

ANA and Boeing have a busy week planned for the second flight test 787, known as ZA002. It began on the approximately nine-hour flight from Boeing Field in Seattle to Tokyo on Saturday, as ANA pilots Capt. Masayuki Ishii and Capt. Masami Tsukamoto demonstrated the 787’s features and flying characteristics, together with Boeing pilots Capt. Mike Carriker, Capt. Heather Ross and Capt. Ted Grady.


ANA Captain Masayuki Ishii waves to the cheering crowd after landing in Tokyo.

Throughout the coming days, ANA’s pilots, mechanics and crews will work with our Boeing team in what’s known as service ready operational validation— or (SROV) — basically a dress rehearsal at ANA’s airports.


ANA flight attendants and ground crew welcome the 787.

ANA has been closely involved in the development of the Dreamliner, and this is another significant step to help pave the way for a smoother entry into service later this year.

The Dreamliner will fly to Osaka, Okayama and Hiroshima over the coming days. I’ll bring you more pictures of its adventures later in the week.


A spectacular sight that had cameras flashing.

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Grace F Hsu (Krikland, WA, US):

Wow! Big Congratulations! Finally! Rainbow is a very good sign!

Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Dear Randy!

How much I feel to stand near those Boeing airplanes. But I want to take the path of your celebration to communicate all the visitors of this blog about the importance of Boeing's decision in participating in the restoration of the American icon of the US Constitution that is so beautiful. All that is related to the US Constitution must be preserved and divulged to all the ones who live in the USA and worldwide, a Christianism-based constitution. The National Mall is due for restoration, and Boeing is inviting everyone to participate in that important act on its front page.

Much happiness to all in Japan participating in that beautiful, unique event, the first presentation of the Boeing 787-8.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

For all the time and investment made by Japan and ANA, it is a well deserved homecoming for the people of Japan.

Vijay D (New York NY):

Terrific! Here's hoping we see the Dreamliner in New York before long.

Johnathan M. Jones (Everett Wa. USA):

The 787 in Japan highlights what we can have and how quickly we can have it, when we as a world work togther. More cool things yet hardly imagined can be delivered within our lifetimes as we continue to tap into a worldwide siblinghood of people that can work together. When a few billion people work as a team in one direction, it may push our minds hard to keep up with the possibilities that already now even, need to be renamed as realities.(like Bio-fuels)
That 787 is the ancestor of many new things that will come even faster with the Global system it helped to launch and came from. What a beautiful thing we have there, I look at it and still just think...Wow.

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