Countdown to Cargolux

Talk about a great way to end the week. The 747-8 Freighter continues the race toward first delivery with today’s news that it’s now certified for entry into service by both the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency.

After logging more than 3,400 hours of flight testing, the airplane has received two certificates showing that it’s safe and reliable—and that our 747 production system is doing everything right to keep the airplane rolling out of the factory. With this certification, the program is in the final stages of preparing to deliver the first 747-8 Freighter to launch customer Cargolux early next month.


A 747-8 Freighter painted in Cargolux livery.

To show you just how proud our 747 team is of this accomplishment, I wanted to share a story from a colleague. Earlier this week, more than 100 Boeing employees representing just about every program and department at BCA (including the 747)— had the chance to ride on a test flight of a 747-8 Intercontinental (which I’m happy to say is on track to wrap up its own testing this fall). They got to interact with the pilots who’ve flown both the Freighter and Intercontinental, and to see how their hard work on the ground is paying off in the skies. And it wasn’t just the 747 employees who were beaming. Every Boeing employee on board, some who’d been on the waiting list to get on a test flight for years, realized it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they won’t soon forget.


Boeing employees board a 747-8 Intercontinental test flight this week.

We’re making a lot of memories this year—with many more to come. Congratulations to the 747 team on another milestone.


The 747-8 Freighter over Mt. Rainier during its first flight, Feb. 8, 2010.

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Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

It is incredible to see how the air traffic is so busy on this blog lately :-)

I am glad for the achievements by the whole Boeing team shown here lately.

Thanks, Randy!


Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Exciting times, that plane should be flying all over the world. Hopefully, the economies that will support it, will begin mending. Congratulations for that bird, and for the 787. It's the beginning of the next chapter now..

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Congratulations to 747-8 team members for a splendid achievement

Dave Anderson (Issaquah, WA, USA):

Congratulations to the team who worked so hard to complete certification, overcame the typical but unexpected issues of testing, and opened the next important chapter in commerial aviation.

Dave Anderson
Product Development Director - retired
Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):


Congratulations to the 747-8 Team!

Lufthansa has also reaffirmed the service entry data of the 747-8I Intercontinental, and says the 747-8I's "better than expected aerodynamic efficiency" leads to a "better than expected mission efficiency".

You can find my article here, in which you may be interested:

Another question, Randy:

When will you present the updated 2011 CMO for China?

I really look forward to it since China will be a booming economy...

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations on the certification of the 747-8 by the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency. Like the 787 the new 747 is a step closer to delivery.

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