From Montana to Moscow

I guess you could really call this post “How I spent my Summer Vacation.” As you know, there’s been a flurry of activity here at Boeing this summer. So while there’s a brief lull in the action, I wanted to share some of my travels for work and play.

Since I grew up in Kalispell, Montana, I always love to take my family back to the shores of Ashley Lake each summer where we’ve created some great memories.


Beautiful shot from Ashley Lake, Montana.

Besides spending a lot of time in and around the water, I was able to take in a little golf. I actually surprised myself by putting the ball on the green on the first stroke off a Par 3, 196 yard hole. As you can see in the photo, my brother, Loren, had similar luck. Unfortunately, we both missed our birdie putts.


A little luck on the links.

After spending a bit more than a week in Montana—I flew out for Moscow, Russia and the Moscow Air Show. That’s where the first 787 Dreamliner paid a visit and once again turned heads. I was able to spend quite a bit of time with 787 Chief Pilot Mike Carriker—who has logged more than 1000 hours in the air on board the Dreamliner. With certification of the airplane now planned for this Friday, he couldn’t have been more proud.


The 787 Dreamliner at the Moscow Air Show.

During the air show, I also unveiled our Current Market Outlook for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. We’re forecasting the region will need just over 1000 new airplanes over the next 20 years valued at $110 billion. Most of that demand will come as airlines retire older members of their fleet and invest in newer, more fuel-efficient models.


A packed house at the Boeing press conference in Moscow.

It really was amazing to see the high level of interest from the Russian media. At the Boeing news conference, the place was packed with reporters and photographers from wall to wall. With an increase in the number of people flying within Russia.. as well as people coming and going.. it’s no wonder we expect air traffic for the region to grow by 4.3 percent on average. The Moscow Air Show was an important event for a market that continues to develop and grow.


Getting the 787 simulator ready for customers and the media.

While in Russia, I managed to take in some of the tourist sites. The Kremlin was actually just across the way from my hotel and made for the perfect site for a bike ride.


A great day for a bicycle ride near the Kremlin.

And just to prove that I do manage to eat healthy while on the road (I’ll admit the cheese soufflĂ© from my post last month in Sydney was more decadent than healthy) I’ll leave you with a picture of a very tasty salad I had in Moscow packed with just about every vegetable imaginable. Thanks to Moscow—and Montana—for a memorable summer.


A whopper of a salad!

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Kinbin (Taiwan):

The salad looks wonderful to keep the fit figure.

Presumably, trout trolled out from Ashley Lake (if any), makes for awesome, healthy dinners. No photos from the trolling sessions?

No promotional activities on your blog for naming the rejuvenated 737 (aka tentatively 737RE....)? Why not get several competitions going and put out some nifty souvenirs as prizes, eh?

Freddy Hagens (Everett, WA):

Randy you are a lucky man to be such a globetrotter for work! You must have racked up about as many miles as George Clooney in the movie "Up in the Air". You represent us very well. Greetings from Everett Service Engineering!

Anne Lund (St. Louis, Missouri, USA):

I always perk up when I see Montana in either picture or text; I spent 3 years living in East Glacier Park and providing speech therapy within the Browning Schools. Kalispell was the place to go for doctor's, dentists, shopping...unless we wanted to go to Havre. I much preferred the drive over the mountains. Glad you get to rejuvenate in Montana's awesome environment.

Norman (Long beach, California, United States ):

This is time of year to visit Montana when the scenery is very nice, just after the hottest part of the summer has passed. I am glad the 787 has made it to the Moscow Air Show, hopefully the 787 will gain interest in the Russian public and with other Russian airlines.

Erwin Schalker (Everett, WA):

Hi Randy:

Just want to ditto Freddy's comment above, you must really love your job to be able to travel as much as you do. But most importantly, you strike me as a real ambassador for our company by getting all of our customers interested and excited in all our products. As a Quality Manager here in Everett, I will always make sure that our teams will provide you and your marketing partners the highest quality product for you to talk about, and showcase to the world stage. Have fun in your travels...

KEVIN PROHN (Everett, Wa):

Randy,when are you going to a book?

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

These side posts with the extra info always paint more complete pictures behind the personalities that do the stuff, make jets and sell them all over the world.

Massive congratulations for reaching certification on the Rolls Royce Trent 1000/787-8 and GEnx-2B/747-8F!

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