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MOSCOW — Hello from Russia where good news travels fast. I’ve spent the past few days at the Moscow Air Show where the first 787 Dreamliner has been on display. As that airplane continues to turn heads, we received word about one more big check mark for the 787 program. We’ve completed all the flight testing required for certification of the 787-8 with Rolls-Royce engines. The last flight this past Saturday wrapped up the Function & Reliability testing that we started last month. This brings us another step closer to certification and first delivery.


ZA102, the ninth 787 to be built, touches down in Everett this past weekend.

787 Chief Pilot Mike Carriker is here with me in Russia after flying the first 787 over for the air show. I can tell you he is smiling ear to ear. Before coming to Russia, he actually flew the 787 that wrapped up flight testing in Everett (ZA102). He says it performed admirably in this last phase of flight test - just as it has since its first flight.


Scott Fancher (left), vice president and general manager of the 787 program; Mike Carriker, chief pilot for the 787 program, and Mike Sinnett, vice president and chief project engineer for the 787, celebrate completion of the last 787 flight test required for certification.

We still need to get through the certification of the 787-8 with GE engines. In addition, there are some Boeing test conditions that we still want to fly; we have engine improvement packages coming that will require some more flight tests; every 787 that gets delivered will need to go through initial tests; and the 787-9 is just around the corner. The skies above Washington state will be busy with 787s for years to come. But for now— let’s celebrate this huge accomplishment.

Click here to see video highlights of 787 flight testing.

Comments (6)

Andre! (Kinshasa, DRC):

Congratulations on this great milestone!!

Oliver (Vienna, Austria):

Congratulations to Boeing!

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

OUTSTANDING! Hopefully Russia places another large order with Boeing during the airshow. Either way, it is great to see things running so smoothly and the 787-8 ever so close to being released to customers. Now time to focus on the 787-9. Can't wait to see it take to the skies, and hopefully the 787-10 after that.

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney, Australia):

Congratulations to everyone in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner development team, completing all the flight testing for certification is an amazing achievement. I look forward to seeing the aircraft in commercial operation, and enjoying my first Dreamliner flight experience.

Cameron Tu (Murrieta, CA):

Congratulations Boeing! Eagerly awaiting my first flight on the Dreamliner, which is now the Realliner!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations to Boeing and Rolls Royce on a job, a difficult job well done. Just another step closer to the big day of delivery.

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