The Dream is Certified

Well, 787 fans and friends, today was one for the history books. I wouldn’t have missed what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in Everett. With government officials to my left and company leaders to my right, customers in front of me and a sea of Boeing teammates behind me, I watched as FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt handed over two pieces of paper that literally open the door to our future. The Type Certificate and amended Production Certificate for the Dreamliner authorize us to begin delivering airplanes. Those pieces of paper show we’ve met a rigorous set of requirements and proven the 787 is safe and ready to enter revenue service.


The original Dreamliner made the perfect backdrop for today’s certification ceremony in Everett.

We’ve only certified a total of 11 all-new jetliners in the history of our company. It’s another in a series of events that make up the 787 chain of memories I reflect on every now and then.

Our authority to offer event in 2003 at the Washington State Convention Center certainly set a tone for us. It was clear that the level of interest in this program would be unlike anything we had ever experienced. And, it was clear that this would take the concerted efforts of supporters - from the local, state and federal government; from international suppliers; and from the incomparable Boeing team to turn this offering into a reality.


Flags with the logos of every Dreamliner customer were marched through the crowd at today’s event.

Just a few months later, we gathered again to celebrate the launch of the program. In an empty factory in Everett we shined flashlights to commemorate ANA’s historic order. I can’t say enough about what a terrific partner ANA has been to Boeing from that day to this. They’ve been bold leaders in our industry and our respect for them is immeasurable. Today that factory is a hive of activity - the site of 787 Final Assembly.


FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt (right) presented Capt. Mike Carriker, 787 chief pilot (center), and Mike Sinnett, 787 vice president and chief project engineer, with the U.S. Type Certificate.

The orders came slowly at first. Then, like a steady drum beat, we broke records. I vividly remember an early morning wake up call while I was traveling in Asia to tell me about the ANA order.

On July 8, 2007 (yes it was 7/8/07) we gathered again in Everett to celebrate the rollout of the 787. It was my daughter’s birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate that day. At no other time has the international appeal of this airplane been so tangible. From the video screens that showed live celebrations in Italy, Japan and South Carolina, to the colorful uniforms of our customers’ flight attendants, it was clear we had a global success on our hands.

Of course, nothing ever beats the emotion of first flight. Dec. 15, 2009, may have been a rainy day in Seattle but our spirits soared with Capt. Mike Carriker as he took ZA001 into the air, where it belonged. He said after landing that he wished he could have taken all of us with him. In some ways he did. We were all glued to our computers watching the progress of his flight and waiting for landing so we could cheer him on as he emerged from the airplane, arms raised in spontaneous celebration.


Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program, speaks to the crowd.

And now, we add another link to the chain. Certification brings to a close the most thorough, robust testing and validation effort ever conducted here at Boeing. That happens with every new airplane as we and the regulators constantly up the ante for requirements - that’s how we keep our standards high.

The great thing about this chain of memories is that it’s still just barely started. First delivery is just around the corner. We announced today that it will occur on September 26 and that we’ll use a host of digital tools to make sure everyone can share the excitement. And we still have lots of deliveries and milestones in the future.


The second 787 Dreamliner, ZA002, made a special fly-by to kick off the 787 certification event.

Thanks for coming along with me on this trip down memory lane and for being with us as we’ve worked our way through the 787 program. Scott Fancher always reminds the team that it’s not easy making history— and he’s right. It’s not easy, but it sure is fun!

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Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Many thousands of words have been written, spoken as Boeing moved this Dream to reality. It's been difficult. There have been lessons in the processes, and process. Nothing as advanced could be much less. It no longer is a paper airplane. It has captured the imagination of millions. Now it will carry millions of imaginations - people, goods & ideas - both fare paying and part of the experience.

Massive congratulations on the team of many internal, and suppliers having reached this point!

Paul Pereira (Montreal, Canada):

Congratulations to you and everyone involved for the achievement. I am in the aerospace field and appreciate the extent of effort and perseverance involved!

Phil Beltz (Beavercreek, Or):

Well the country is proud of Boeing's great work on the 787-8. And now on to the 787-9. May you sell another 11,000 airframes. And make the 787 the best selling wide body ever.

Bob Armour (Boston Ma USA):

Congratulations! Cannot wait to fly on the 787. We live in Boston so the new non-stop flights to many cities around the world will be very welcome. Let's get the build rate up to 10 ASAP so we can all experience the 787 soon!

Cameron Tu (Murrieta, CA):

Congratulations Boeing!

I remember on December 15th, I snuck out of class to watch the Dream take to the skies for the first time. Now, less than two years later.. it's ready for service!

Numerous ups and downs, but an amazing journey nonetheless!

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

The Dream has come through. Congratulations Boeing!.
Can't wait to take a flight in 787.

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Dear Randy!

Thank you for sharing that so expected wonderful moment that enters to history for ever!

I take advantage of that celebration to share some videos of large scale Boeing airplane models that were launched onto YouTube.

Boeing 767-400ER model (made in Argentina)

Boeing/McDonnel Douglas DC-10-30 model (made in USA)

Best regards, until soon!


Chris Cook (South Africa):


At long, long last, the super-efficient and revolutionary 787 is finally certified!!! Wow!!! I'm absolutely thrilled and I'm sure you must be feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment!

It's been a truly remarkable design and development story of the world's most advanced commercial airplane, and I think it's right to say that the Dreamliner certainly has been worth the wait.

Well done on achieving certification for the 787; an airplane that'll be the pinnacle of aviation excellence for many, many decades in the 21st-Century.

Despite the lengthy delays in the program, this is without question the most important airplane of our present day and future. How exciting this is that we're able to share and live in this day where aviation enters a new era!

2,000 787 orders and deliveries, here we come!!

Todd Cohen (Philadelphia):

Congratulations to the entire Boeing organization for this accomplishment! There are many of us 787 fans out here who have been following this for years and feel the same excitement you do.

V V (Montréal, Québec):

Congratulations for this major achievement.

The dream is now a reality.

Robert (Huntsville ):

What a wonderful day for everyone involved . I can't wait to fly on thus beauty . Congratulations and thanks Randy for sharing your memories .

TimK (Ont Canada):

Yes congratulations are in order, I can only imagine how many champagne corks where popped at Boeing HO with this news. Just one question, the 787 is still reported to be overweight, so how does that impact its range and when will the weight issue be addressed?

Victor Hugo Calvin (Goiânia,Brazil):

Congratulations Boeing!
I am sure that the 787 will be a legendary airplane,thanks to all the people that loves the flight that work on Boeing,as future pilot,i really hope be in comand of this state of the art aircraft,a special thanks to Cpt.Mike Carriker,my biggest idol and inspiration to me,i am sure that if this plane have been aproved by Cpt.Carriker and his colleagues,it will be a safe and A DREAMLINER,
Thanks a lot Boeing,thanks a lot Cpt.Carriker

stephen (philippines):

Congratulations to boeing for a dream come true.

mark (south carolina):

The future is wide open Boeing!! Lets build some Dreamliners!!

miguel a alvarez (orlando florida):

congratulation, iam more excited than ever. i been waiting for a long time. as a technician, i nkow how exciting is going to be working on this aircraft.thangs god for boeing.?if not boeing you are not goin?

Ali (Doha, Qatar):

Congratulations Boeing !!!

Cannot wait to fly the 787 i hope that my type rating will be on the 787 ...

Qatar Airways ordered 60 787's i wish that i fly this beauty ..

Brandon F (California):

Congratulations to Boeing, the best airliner manufacturer around! The Dreamliner is an amazing technological achievement, and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow up over the last several years. There is no doubt in my mind that she is more than ready to enter service! Bring on the delivery!

Peter (Somers, CT):

Many thanks to the Boeing Team for their Leadership and vision.

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

Kudos to the entire 787 team for putting in countless hours of work, and enduring bucket loads of cr*p and criticism from just about everyone in the world (except for the team).

I am glad to have been just a teeny part of this awesome ride to the 787 certification.

Dane (auburn,WA):

so excited to see at sea-tac int. or anywhere!! thank you all who worked on this wonderful airplane.

Stefano Farchi (Milan,Italy):

Congratulations Boeing!!!I'm looking forward to fly on the 787,the airplane of the future.I'm proud to say that the 787 is Italian at the 25%,and I hope to see the Dreamliner in the colors of Alitalia

desmond chiang (singapore ):

What a finish finally.

bravo.......I envy the team & most the never give up attitue of Boeing image. Yes, this Dreamliner is in our dreams finally! Save the earth & save the fuel.

Alliant (Toms River, NJ):

Through all the trials and tribulations Boeing persevered. America is proud. I cant wait to fly in the Dream.

Paul Ulasien (Lawrence, KS USA):

This has been a remarkable experience following this plane’s evolution from an idea to a reality. I have been using the story of the 787 in my Operations Management courses to teach the concepts of coordinating the relationships between mutually supportive but separate organizations and the impacts in global, multi-domestic and transnational organizations. The plane has not only created a new generation of flight but also a new generation of business student's understanding in the complexities and coordination of process design. My congratulations to Boeing and on the behalf of all my students, thanks for the education! I look forward to flying in one someday!

jonas jardim (bulgaria pazardjik):

we love boeing,because they write the history,like usually congratulations boeing.......

Captain Sabo Sambo (Abuja Nigeria):

Congratulations to Boeing and the rest of the world, this will definately be rewarding to the tireless and determined Boeing staff that have perserviared to see a true dream come true.
Once again Congratulations to allof you at Boeing.
Best regards.

Captain Sabo Sambo.
MD/CEO Manyatta Engineering Services Limted
21 Bantyre Street, Wuse 2 Abuja Nigeria.

Howard Masebu (Birmingham, UK):

Welldone Boeing team on 787-8, I hope all the technology can be used to upgrade the 777 and the 737, immediately after the 787-9 is complete. 777 should not be left to lag behind its rivals. Once again I would say congratulations in this major milestone.

Viktor Malec (Whitby, Ontario, Canada):

Cogratulations Boeing! I am especially excited for this aircraft because the flag carrier of my native homeland, LOT Polish Airlines, will be the European launch customer for this amazing machine!

Boeing, I wish you every success in all your future endeavors...

Ron Allen (Phoenix, AZ):

Congratulations to the management team and most of all to all of the hard working machanics, engineers and support staff at Boeing. This is a great day for the company and America as whole. Finally, the dream has come to a reality.

Richard Campbell (Nassau,Np,Bahamas.):

Wow! I was fellowing this plane from the beganning an am glad to see it finally ready to be delievery.
congradulation to all party involve in getting this airplane to market.WAY TO GO BOEING.

Neville J. Munasinghe (Edinburgh, United Kingdom):

A very memorable event in the history of commercial aviation.
The long awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner is finally going to customers.
Then the real testing begins in the hands of the 'less expert'.
This development is the start of an entire new generation of civil aircraft the world has been waiting for.
Thank you Boeing for your perseverance and respect for standards and safety.

Jose Medina (Miami, FL):

Congratulations Boing and ANA for the delivery of the first 787. As frequent flyer, I cannot wait for the time of my first flight!.

Marques Dean (Boston,MA,United States of America):

Congratulations Boeing and a job well done!!
This has truly been a long time coming! There's no doubt in my mind that the 787 Dreamliner will change the way people think about air travel.

Justin Ng (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo Malaysia):

Congradulations Boeing!!! Fly 787 Fly, UP UP TO THE SKY.........

Keeps inventing you dreams, Boeing

Justin Ng

Alberto Talgi:

Boeing the 787 is a very good airplane. In the future I want to be a pilot I wish that In some day I will be piloting a 787.

David Grandi (Wellington, New Zealand):

Congratulations on an exciting new aircraft. Air New Zealand has ordered some too - can't wait!

Moises Galindo (Guadalajara, Mexico):

These is a great day for whole aviation industry. Dreams come reality and change the way how we fly. Congratulations to all 787 team.Thanks Boeing to work hard on it.

Pascal Kümmerling (Lausanne, Switzerland):

Congratulations, a new era has just begin with this revolutionary device !

Ravi Shanmugalingam (Melbourne,Australia):

Congratulations to the Management and staff of Boeing. A great achievement in the field of Civil Aviation. I have been following the 787 program from early 2003 when it was called the 7E7. I am also a member of the 787 world design team from the beginning.It gives me immense joy to hear that 787 is certified. Boeing went through lots of hardships through this program. So many delays caused by a various factors. Persistence and determination from the folks at Boeing finally paid off. Today the Dreamliner is a reality. I have do doubt 787 will prove to a game changer and favourite airliner of the passengers all over the world.

Luigi G. Bozzolo (Turin, Italy):

This is the news Me, Ben, Jim, Kent, Francesco, Giuseppe, Pietro and all the thousands of people that worked on this beautiful project all around the world for so many years were waiting for.

Thanks Boeing for leading us in writing a new page in the history of flying.

Raj V Nagaraja (Bangalore, India):

Congratulations to the Entire Team of Boeing and its Partners in making this happen. This is indeed a red lettered day in the history of Boeing and the Commercial Flight Opertaions.

Muhammad Kadhim (Amman, Jordan):

Congratulations! I am an avid aviation enthusiast and my son is a young aero-space engineer; both of us have been impatiently waiting for the 787 to be certified. Now we cannot wait to fly it. Apart from its state of the art construction technology, new engines, cost savings...etc, in my eyes its one of the most beautiful passenger aircraft ever built...well done Boeing.

Rikard Bjork (Linkoping /Sweden):

Welldone Boeing team on 787-8, I hope all the technology can be used to upgrade the 777 and the 737, immediately after the 787-9 is complete.Once again I would say congratulations in this major milestone.It has beengreat to have been part of the program

carlo cadiz (Manila, Philippines):

to Boeing, a job well done for the 787 Dreamliner...i hope, Boeing's "dream" should not end with the 787...other Boeing's plane could also be built the the 787 way.

Oliver Dossmann (Jackson, TN):

Congratulations Boeing and 787 team! I can't wait to fly on this airplane soon.

Stefan Vargas (Long Beach, California):

Incredible. B787 is finally Certified.....Congratulations to all Boeing's Team, another success......Can't wait to fly the most advanced airliner in the world.....My dream had come thru.....

Herman Salley (Tampa, FL):

Congradulation to everyone at Boeing for building one of the worlds most beautiful aircraft.. Can't wait to see this beautiful machine fly for the worlds' airlines.

Mauricio F.Souza (Rio de Janeiro,RJ,Brazil):

Congratulations !
A love Boeing aircratfs since my first fligth in a 707. A really always choose my flights in Boeing airplanes, and I hope to know a 787 as soon as possible.

Dave R (Lake Zurich, IL):

Congrats to the test team, I have followed the Dreamliner test progress on the web nearly daily. Loved all the test videos and Flightaware tracking seeing the 15000 feet per minute dives and wondering if I would have the nerve to do that. T live near Chicago and can't wait to fly one hopefully to Europe on American in the near future.

There was never any question that we had the technology in the USA to complete the dream. We were late but as major as a game changer as this is you would have to expect delays.

Marcio de Andrade (San Diego, CA, USA):

Good job!
Boeing makes all Americans very proud!
Let's keep showing the world that America can still be the leader, where the brightest and the best work towards the future!

Arne Salmelid (The beautiful western coast of Norway):

Congratulation Boeing. I'm thrilled and look forward to the first delivery to the best of Africas airlines, The proud and magnificant Ethiopian Airlines. Hoping they soon will have their first plane and hopefully I will soon join the route to Addis Ababa.

James Lee (San Diego, CA):

As an ex-Boeing employee of 20+ years and current share holder of the stock, I have been following the development of the 787 very closely. It has been a long road to this day, but Boeing finally came through with a plane, none others in the world can match. Nothing but continued successes in carrying out this plane to the full production and developments in other planes.

Neil Whitman (Charleston SC):

Congratulations. Charleston is ready to start rolling out 787's built with pride in our beautiful and historic city.

Aubrey Vermaaka (South Africa):

Well Done!!!I have been flying Boeings for more than 20 years,and can't wait to fly on this beauty.Followed the plane from inception to birth-what a ride.GO BOEING GO!!!

Erik K. Weseman (Middlebury, VT, USA):

Congratulations to Boeing on getting the new 787 'Dreamliner' certified. I look forward to eventually traveling on a 787. I hope ANA will consider new routes to the United States from Japan such as Tokyo-Denver, Tokyo-Portland, Ore.; Tokyo-Boston, Osaka-Seattle and Nagoya-Seattle, after it establishes the plane on domestic, regional and long-haul routes from Japan to Europe. Now it is time for Boeing to move on to the stretch version, the 787-9 and perhaps the 787-10. Boeing should also look into an ultra-long-range version of the 787-8 and possibly the 787-9.

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

Well done, a beautiful airplane that will fly beautifully. I hope ANA the best with the first and hope Boeing and millions of passengers a great flying experience!

Ethan C (Reno, NV):

Congrats Boeing! You guys are the best plane maker in the world. This aircraft will be one of the most beautiful on the market, along with the 747-8. Can't wait to fly on the 787 to New Zealand!!

Capt. Cidin Junior (São Paulo - Brazil):

Congratulations Guys,

Good job! More than a beautiful machine, you are starting a new generation...

Lots of luck!

Andrew Croft (Cummin, Georgia):

As a retired Delta employee I had the pleasure to teach the 737, 727, 757, 767,777 and 767-400 systems to Delta Pilots. I hope Delta keeps the 787 orders and I wish everyone at Boeing good luck. "If it ain't Boeing I ain't going!"

Greg Huang (New York, NY):

Congratulations. Today is a very special day for all of you. I hope the Boeing company will remember this day forever. It is the beginning of a dream come true. With the 787, Boeing went above and beyond all other airplane companies in the world.

Nick Gianiosis (Montreal,Canada):

Congratulations to all at Boeing for proving to all the world that the sky is the limits in innovation and technology. The future of civil aviation in the twenty-first century has finally arrived with the 787 Dreamliner. This airplane will be change the world of air-travel as did the 747 in the seventies and the 777 in the nineties. The passangers shall thank Boeing forever.

Joe Mathew (Colombo, Sri Lanka):

Well done! The Dream(liner) sets the "New Green" for all of us around the world.

Marcel ANCIAUX (Lubumbashi-Katanga-RDCONGO):

A special day , special plane, Félicitations to all Boeing's team

Paul Vossie (CT, South Africa):

Congratulations Boeing Company, another exciting milestone in the history of airplane building. As a mechanic/pilot, I have only admiration for the pioneering minds of Boeing. Keep discovering the Dreams.

KEVIN PROHN (Everett, Wa):

God Bless,CEO Jim McNerney.
He had a vision.He had a dream.And it was a big one.
Yet there was some clear air turbulence on the flight
path.He maintained his airspeed and circumnavigated
around the bad weather.
And then he asked for a better altitude for a
smoother flight.
Then is a cool steady voice ,he came over the intercom
and said ,ladies and gentleman this is your Captain
speaking.We had some bad weather but we are now
around that now .We are now cleared for final approach.Thank you for flying with the new Boeing
Good day.

Luiz Humberto (São Paulo, Brazil):

No doubt the Dream will be the best design of Boeing's operation.

No manufacturer in the world can develop an aircraft with the perfection that Boeing develops.

I hope to realize the dream of being able to do a flight with this aircraft!


Valério Ramos Filho (Porto Alegre, Brazil, RS):

The "Dream"liner come true, Congratulations to all Boeing Employess, wich made this projetct come true.

james (colorado springs colorado):

i am happy for boeing to get the dreamliner certified and for you to start production, and get them flying around the world. i was able to catch it during testing in colorado springs. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL AIRPLANE!!! I took some great shots of it and a boeing C17 globemaster3 doing touch and goes on the same day. i also took some pictures of it on the GA ramp on the westside of COS, taking on some fuel for the return trip to KPAE. good luck to boeing going forward.

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, OR):

FANTASTIC! What an amazing month for Boeing, with two AMAZING aircraft now cleared to enter service. Can't wait to experience them first hand.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

With the certification done, airlines and the passengers flying on the 787 will experience the efficiency and comfort of the first all new true 21st century airliner in the world. Job well done.

Ron Vickney Jr (Charleston, South Carolina):

I’m glad to be a part of something so big at the starting stages of the 787 Dream liner. Ready for the whole world to understand and to see how amazing this aircraft is.

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