747-8F first delivery update

Just yesterday, I was telling you about all the excitement leading up to first delivery of the 747-8 Freighter—including a surprise musical guest who’d be performing for employees. It turns out, that party will have to wait.

We still need to work through some contractual issues with our customer Cargolux, so first delivery won’t take place as scheduled on Monday. Employee and media events for next week have also been postponed.

While this is disappointing to all of us here at Boeing, we’re working with Cargolux to resolve the issues. They’ve been an incredible partner going back a long way. Two decades ago, they became the first carrier worldwide to operate the 747-400 Freighter. It’s only fitting that they became the launch customer of the new 747-8 Freighter.

The 747-8 Freighter is something to celebrate—and we plan on doing just that very soon.

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nathan (ny):

so sorry to hear. hopefully it gets resolved quickly. whats the nature of the dispute ? not the first time cargolux buying a plane,

V V (Montréal, Québec):

Well, s...t happens.

If I examine the timing of the postponement announcement, it sounds like a huge hiccup in the financing plan.

The issue will ultimately be solved, unfortunately it can take weeks or months to build a new financing scheme.

Perhaps this is the direct consequence of the recent trouble in some European banks (Societe Generale, UBS etc.). The recent entry of Qatari capital in Cargolux (35%) may be a factor too.

Cristiano (CGR):

Unfortunately my finances are not enough to start operations with such a marvel, otherwise I would take that #001 747-8F to myself regardless if it is 1 or 2% under the estimated efficiency patterns.

Alessandro (European Union.):

New large shareholder at Cargolux, a person whom been critical at Boeing before?
I wonder if a coincidence or not?

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Seems to be a case of "Runaway Bride".

Jokes aside, the 747-8F is an absolutely incredible airplane and is, without a doubt, a game-changer in the freighter market. Even Cargolux said this a few days ago: "It is great to receive our first two 747-8 Freighters within just a few
days," said Frank Reimen, president and chief executive officer of Cargolux.
"In a sense, history is repeating itself. We were pioneering the cargo
industry when we put the first 747-400 Freighter into revenue service in
1993. This is what we do once again with the 747-8 Freighter, which is
ultimately a testimony of our good and long-standing partnership with
Boeing. We are proud to be the world's first cargo operator to benefit from
the game-changing performance and efficiency of this ground-breaking

AA Pedregosa (Hong Kong):

Well I'm sorry for Boeing but if Cargolux don't want the B747-8 then sell it to the next in line customer.

The B747-8F is a serious cargo hauler. I don't believe airlines will reject it.

Cameron Tu (Murrieta, California):

I was sad to hear this news, hopefully all will turn out well. You've done a great-job Boeing, improving an air-frame which , to many, is considered "old and tired" to still be competitive to current offerings is impressive!

elliot (st louis):

I read this morning in Logistics Online that Cargolux refused delivery; is that firm, or just a bargaining position? It was quite a shock to read that this morning, so I'm hoping there's a lot of behind the scenes negotiating for an actual delivery.

John Renavitz (North Brunswick, NJ USA):

The earlier announcement of the delay in Cargolux' acceptance of the first delivery of a B747-8F felt like a balloon deflating when I read it. What a real shame considering all of the really hard work done in getting to this point, and the outstanding potential of this aircraft. I understand that this may be more of an issue with late delivery penalties for the 787 driven by Qatar Airlines who (so I read) now owns a third of Cargolux, and has a seat on their board (did I get that right?). Sounds like hardball being played motivated by Qatar's dissatisfaction with 787 deliveries and attendant penalties for same. Again, what a shame as I was anticipating a few days of celebration and positive news coverage for this latest addition to the storied 747 product.

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

As shocking as their actions were, it begs to be asked whether this is the result of Boeing NOT addressing pressing complaints or issues with them, or if this has more to do with the debt crises in Europe and the West. Either way, how unfortunate... waiting only just a few days until their delivery date and all the planned festivities seems a little bizarre.

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Cathay Pacific appears to be ready to accept delivery of the highly-capable, efficient and game-changing 747-8F soon! :http://www.marketwatch.com/story/cathay-boeings-cargolux-spat-wont-slow-delivery-2011-09-20

Looking forward to seeing the -8F delivered and operating in revenue service soon! And, I bet we'll see it operating with Cargolux soon. The efficiences from the all-new wing, as well as future improvements will ultimately make the -8F better than originally promised.

Matt (London):

What is the link between the dept crises of some Europeen countries and Cargolux not taking delivery of an aircraft?

Marty (Everett Site, WA):

It is a shame indeed. What surprises me is that this was such a late announcement. On Friday all was well, then come Monday the whole show is cancelled. Wow! I'm sure Boeing Contracts would have seen this comming and dealt with it they could have. It sounds to me like somebody high up in Cargolux or their part owner got very unhappy all of a sudden.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

The timing of this is quite disturbing, speculation paints an interesting picture, with regards ownership/leadership changes at that airline. Hopefully soon, Boeing will return to a the grace of on time deliveries, have more bargaining strength in such cases. The company has been fortunate, IMHO, with delay on the 747-8F, especially since the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis saw cargo load factors collapse. But airlines need more efficient planes yesterday. Going forward, I wonder how much of an effect trouble in Western banks will have on customers' ability to secure financing.

Ranjan S (Kolkata, West Bengal, India):

It is really a disappointing news for all of us. Cargolux have been an outstanding customer of Boeing. It would have been great if this contractual issues have not risen now. Then we could have got a glance of this 747-400 Freighter. Hope the issue will solve soon.
Best Wishes,
Aviation Training India

Tom (Germany):

Hi Randy,
there might be some issues - that's life.
There might be reasons to make a lot of fuss about these issues!*** happens!

But there is also another first 747-8 delivery and a good chance to say thank you to Boeing's employees!
These festivities might even be much cooler...

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

It is rather surprising to hear considering all that was planned for that day but at least the delay will not be very long.

Bob (Woodland, CA):

Maybe there should be a clause in the contract that if you are the launch customer and you don't take the aircraft when we are ready to deliver it, we go to the next available delivery and make them launch customer. You snooze, you lose. You have a problem with the aircraft, fine, but don't drag other aircraft into the mix. Deal with them separately.

William Seus (Farmingville NY 11738):

The 747-8 is far superior to the A380 in beauty, grace, and reliability. Time, like always will show how great this plane is. Boeing has always been a company to be proud of and I would like to thank all the wonderful people who make it one of our best companies. My son is eight and he is mesmerized by the 747-8 and most anything Boeing. I had forgotten my own childhood infatuation with the 747 until he made me help him find videos online of the 747-8.

Khwaja Pracha (Dubai, UAE):

Looking forward to seeing the -8F delivered and operating in revenue service soon! And, I bet we'll see it operating with Cargolux soon. The efficiences from the all-new wing, as well as future improvements will ultimately make the -8F better than originally promised.

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