Dream Delivered

I’ve never seen so many smiling faces in the pouring rain as I did in Everett today. The weather did nothing to dampen the energy and excitement as we delivered the first 787 Dreamliner to ANA. I could actually feel the pride coming from the crowd of thousands of Boeing employees who turned the parking lot into one giant party space.


A view of the crowd from the factory roof.

I was lucky enough to catch up with some of the people who played such a key role in bringing Boeing to this historic day. I got to know the legendary Joe Sutter, the father of the 747, very well when I worked on the 747-8 program. He was once again recognized today during the 787 ceremony.


Posing with a Boeing legend.

I also got to chat with a very proud Mike Carriker, the chief pilot of the 787 who helped get this airplane certified by logging more than 1000 hours.


The 1000 hour man, 787 chief pilot Mike Carriker.

Even though there were many big names on hand, this day was all about the thousands of Boeing employees and our launch customer ANA. After such a long journey with such a big payoff, there’s clearly an emotional tie that binds Boeing and ANA. Through the good times and hard times, we’ve reached this point together and made aviation history in the process.


Employees lead the way as one of ANA’s Dreamliners is towed into the big event.


Ceremonial key exchange. As Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Jim Albaugh said: “When you buy a car, you get a key. When you buy a 787 Dreamliner, you get a really big key.”

As I stood in the rain today in Everett, I thought back to the phone call I received way back in 2004 telling me this airplane had just been launched with an order from ANA. I’m still just as excited about where this program is going. As ANA’s president and CEO told the crowd, he can’t wait to see Dreamliners filling the sky. The first one leaves for Tokyo tomorrow, and many more will follow.

For more great photos, videos and content from today’s event, be sure to log on to newairplane.com .


Meeting with Randy’s Journal reader Rob Howell who made the drive down from British Columbia.

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V V (Montréal, Québec):


The gestation has been difficult, now it is time to deliver those inventories and transform them to income.

Cameron Tu (Murrieta, California):

My cousin started her first day of work at the Everett Plant today, what a day for her!

I'm so glad that the 787 has finally been delivered to it's first customer, hopefully this will mark the beginning of the 787's 30 year (or longer) tenure (to beat out the 767's reign).

Can't wait to fly the Dreamliner soon.

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

Hi Randy,
Way to go! Makes me proud to be a Boeing fan. I can imagine how you all at Boeing must feel. I wish you and yours, a long life and a very successful one.

Srinivas Duvvuri (Bangalore):

Hearty congratulations to the ANA, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, all the suppliers to Boeing and all the employees to make this big day, and bigge accomplishment. What a proud moment!


Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Hi Randy!

How it is so beautiful to see all of you together. Joe Sutter there seeing one more new "baby" coming from Boeing. It is a dream moment. How proud I feel to, even being here in Brazil, so far from there, be enjoying parts of that huge moment of the world history.

Thank you for existing, guys. You make the world to be different, better!


Cristiano Arruda

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

Congratulations to Boeing, ANA, Rolls Royce and all of those involved. The Dreamliner is no longer a dream, it is reality!

tom (Germany):

Congrats to the Boeing team - the first 787-8 is accepted by the customer ANA!

Lots of breathes of relief!

But the economy is not bright at the Pudget Sound:
- 787s "hanging around all over"
- 747-8Fs not accepted
- 737MAX - where do you go my lovely...?
Furthermore the 787-8 still needs some hands!

Forget the troubles for some hours!
Good luck!

Kevin (Los Angles, CA):

standing tall next to the crowd, the 787 is actually a huge aircraft! I cannot wait for the roll out/first flight of -9!

Steve (Roseburg, Oregon):

I would love to see a video of the Dreamliner reception in Japan.

Angel (Murcia (Spain)):

Congratulations to Boeing and ANA

Finally the dream came true, congratulations to all Boeing employees for their work, the wait was worth it.

Ralph (Everett, WA):

Dang! Ya'll won the race. It sure looked like the 747 would deliver first. Well congratulations on delivering a fine airplane, and thank you for saving the bottom line and possibly our jobs.

Bobbie Haynes (Everett, Washington):

Good Day to you All,

I have been worlong on the 787 for over 3 years, and I am speechless, and very happy to see that the future of all flight is now in the new owner hands and I look forward to seeing her fly many times over, and I also would like to see, what ANA did upon arrival in Tokyo, if there was much fan fair and all that.

Goog Luck 787
Dream of the future
Now for 747-8
My new baby :)

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Words tend to fail me at times when I’m asked to describe the all-new, super-efficient, game-changing 787 Dreamliner to my friends, family and colleagues. Without question, the 787 is an airplane beyond superlatives. I’d like to truly thank The Boeing Company for being a true pioneer in aviation and for taking the bold step of creating the first truly all-new airplane of the 21st-century. The future of civil aviation will be flying on the wings of the 787 Dreamliner for decades ahead and, no question about it, this airplane has now set the benchmark for all new commercial airplane programs going forward; from technological stand-points to global supplier integration.

Even today, the 787 has technological advances that airplanes planned for the future don’t yet employ. It’s been an incredible journey since April 26th, 2004, with an unprecedented design and development story; yet here we are today about to witness this beautiful airplane finally take to the skies for revenue service.

I could think of no better way of describing the past few years of the 787 program than in the words of Walt Gillette, retired vice president of 787 airplane development: “Every time we [Boeing] sign up for a program like this one [the 787], that is going to be a new standard for the world, it is a near death experience. We have to set targets that are so far out there that we almost die getting there. If we don’t, then we have not set the target far enough and what we do will be very short-lived. If we barely survive then we set the right targets because we will create something that will endure for a very long time.” True words, reflected in every single Boeing Commercial Airplane Program! Here we are now with the 787; an airplane that’s as important to the 21st-century as the 747 was to the 20th-century.

Congratulations, Well Done and, above all, Thank You!

MiguelG (Fayetteville, AR):


Beautiful and elegant plane, so typical of Boeing. Keep up withe good job.

Ohhh, and great article too.

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