Guess who's coming to Everett?

While final preps are underway for Monday’s first delivery of the 747-8 Freighter to our launch customer Cargolux, there’s a bit of a party atmosphere around the Everett factory right now. Monday will be packed with a lot of pomp and circumstance as the Freighter flies away, but there’s also something very special planned during an employee event on Tuesday. A super top secret guest will be on hand to provide the entertainment to everyone at the Everett site. I won’t spoil the surprise—but let’s just say if you follow my taste in music, this guest is right up my alley. (Feel free to leave your guess as to who it might be in comments.)


Ready for business.

As for the delivery itself, Cargolux will waste no time putting their new Freighter into service. As soon as the airplane takes off from Paine Field in Everett on Monday, it will head straight for Sea-Tac Airport to pick up cargo. It’s more proof that this airplane is immediately ready to generate revenue for our customers and will be the leading freighter in the industry.

By the way, the accomplishments keep coming for the 747-8. We already knew this airplane makes less noise than its predecessor. Now, we’ve proved it doesn’t cause any greater wake in the sky either. Earlier this week, the 747-8 received its “heavy” designation separation from the International Civil Aviation Organization. That means the airplane can operate under the same separation distance as the 747-400 for approach, landing, departure, climb/descent and cruising. That means our customers can operate the 747-8 in the same markets and on the same routes as the 747-400 without any slowdowns.


The 747-8 Freighter during its first flight on Feb. 9, 2010.

Monday will indeed be reason to celebrate, and the party will keep rocking through Tuesday. Congratulations to our 747 team and Cargolux.

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Aubrey Cohen (Seattle, WA):


jmx53 (Eugene, Oregon):

Queen [of the Skies] performing "We Are the Champions"?

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):


They sit in well with the new aircraft.

Mike Parker (Oklahoma City, OK):

Steve Miller and he's going to sing "Jet Airliner"?

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Congrats to 747 team and Cargolux! Guess what?...Is it Beyonce...

Mel (Topeka):

Randy strikes me as a fan of old school classic rock. Perhaps Doobie Brothers or Skynard ??

Edward Kim (Everett, WA):


Phew, glad we got the 747-8F out the door - on to the next thing!

Richard M (New South Wales):

I agree with Mike Parker.

Steve Miller and he's going to sing "Jet Airliner" !

"Big ol' jet airliner
Don't carry me too far away
Oh, Oh big ol' jet airliner
Cause it's here that I've got to stay "



Kenny G. (Ridley Park, PA):

Congrats to the 747-8 team. I also think it'll be Steve Miller singing "Jet Airliner"

Matt (Everett wa.):

Randy Hansen and paul Rodgers, Maybe paul mcartney.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

How about a classic from Earth, Wind & Fire, "Let's Groove". a lyric goes "glide like a 747".

I am pretty much a follower of Alternative and Brit pop. Probably more fitting for the Intercontinental version as it would be likely quieter than the A380 is Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence".

Ian N. (Charleston , SC):

Its going to be Iron Maiden singing " Aces High "

"Jump in the cockpit and start up the engines/Remove all the wheel blocks there's no time to waste/Gathering speed as we head down the runway/Gotta get airborne before its too lateā€¦

Congratulations on another great milestone BOEING!!!

Ben Cool (Everett,Wash):

Rod Stewart: Gasoline Alley....

Erik B (Charleston):

The Guess Who. It says it right there in the headline.

Bryant Huie (Renton, WA):

Sade...."Smooth Operator"

Gene (auburn, wa):


C.S. (Phila, PA):

Maybe its the Guess Who, that is the title of the blog.

erin evans (everett):

Eminem? ;)

747 Spar Shop (Everett):

We think since Cargolux is German that it will be Rammstein. Du Hast anyone?

Ed Bandy, Directed Energy Systems (EAFB, California):

This may be a reach but: Sophie Barker singing John Denver's "Leavin' on an Airplane" (featured in a 2006 British Airways UK television campaign)

Gins (Everett, WA):

I also think Steve Miller Band for the same song - and he's a local guy!

Marty Tuttle (Cargo Group (Everett)):

Steve Miller

Patrick C. Fahey (Everett):

Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away

Cynthia Chadwick (Everett, WA):

"Sweet Child of Mine"......Guns N' Roses

.....No? What?

Joshua (Everett 40-30):

Chuck Berry

Mark Allen (Bellevue, Washington):


Matt C. (Everett):

Could it be Lady Gaga?
Or maybe Bob Dylan will sing "The Times They Are A-Changing"?

Joel Dodds (Everett, WA (787)):

It is Steve Miller. The hint "will keep rocking through Tuesday" gave it away. Keep on Rockin', another of his hits. Saw the band at Rock Superbowl V in Orlando back in '77

TimL (Long Beach, CA.):

It's got to be...

"Nina" singing "99 Luft Ballons!"

Bill B (Everett):

These folks are playing locally Monday or Tuesday: Montrose, David Bromberg, Shawn Colvin, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald and Pat Metheny to name the top known names. Then there's The Flaming Lips, who play Wednesday. I'm going to go with Michael McDonald.

Tom B. (Mesa, AZ):

My best guess would be ABBA, and congratulations.

Cubby (Tukwila):

Right up your alley?

Must be Jeff Bridges. The dude abides!

Nicole A (Everett, WA):

Randy said the "guest is right up his alley" so it could be a song with "alley" in it.

However, I know a lot of people at Boeing who like the Steve Miller Band. Since Randy said the "party will keep rocking through Tuesday", my guess is the Steve Miller Band.

Steve Lavender (Seattle, WA USA):

If one were to follow Randy's taste in music, this guest would be right up his alley.
To me this is the main clue. In Seattle if you follow Jazz then you know about a great club called "Jazz Alley."
On Tuesday and Wednesday next week Pat Metheny is playing. I would not be surprised to hear he played "Across the Sky" in Everett on Monday.

Bill Warfield (Seattle WA):

It will be Queensryche performing "Jet City Woman" at 110 db (to be heard over the fantastic roar of the 747-8).

Jim Hasstedt (Everett, WA):

Jefferson Airplane ; )

TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

I'm guessing the song White Bird by the band It's a Beautiful Day which was written in Seattle.

Laura Fox (Bellevue, WA):

I saw Roger Hodgson - the original voice and the co-founder of Supertramp, last year in Vancouver. He is no longer with the band that tours under the name, Supertramp (led by the other co-founder Rick Davies). He is touring on his own and performing all the hits which he wrote like Take the Long Way Home (that's him singing in the live link- with an orchestra), Dreamer, The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Logical Song, School, Fools Overture, Give a Little Bit, Hide in Your Shell. In March I saw him with his band which was top notch. His voice is still fantastic and the concert was amazing - well worth checking. Plus, I understand he does private and corporate events. you can find great videos on

Johnathan Jones (Everette, WA):

I gotta concur with ABBA, if not them then Katy Perry! said it was a surprise guest!

LM (Philadelphia):

Steve Miller is the obvious (and apparently popular!) choice, but it could be Lynyrd Skynyrd due to tour proximity, with a rendition of Free Bird.

Jean Tapp (Seattle, WA):

It's gotta be U2 - Beautiful Day!

Steve (Winnipeg, Canada):

It's going to be Jon Bon Jovi.
His music's been the background for all the quarterly reviews thus far this year.

Jim Rome (Monrovia, CA):

Lady Gaga

Steven Frombach (Everett, WA USA):

Ted Nugent!

Free Flight

Beth (Everett, WA):

Guess Who...

Sir Mix A Lot would have been good too since he's from here.

Leland Dart (Everett, WA):

Since the delivery set for Monday has been delayed, is the party and special musical guest cancelled?

Randy Tinseth:

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all the guesses. If you haven't heard the news, please see my new post. I won't give away the surprise just yet in case we are able to reschedule the employee event. Stay tuned!

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