Dancing in September

To say we’re going to be busy around here in September is an understatement. We knew first delivery dates for the 747-8 Freighter and the 787 Dreamliner were going to be very close to each other. Today, we know exactly how close.

We just announced the 747-8 Freighter will deliver to launch customer Cargolux on September 19. As we previously said, ANA will take delivery of its first 787 one week after that on September 26.


The first 747-8 Freighter that will be delivered to launch customer Cargolux takes off on its B-1 flight Wednesday in Everett.

Here’s proof of just how close this race to the delivery finish line was. On back to back days this week (Wednesday and Thursday), the first Freighter and Dreamliner that will be delivered flew their B-1 flights (first Boeing flights). While these two flights didn’t receive a lot of media fanfare, they were proud days for both programs.


The first 787 that will be delivered to ANA took its B-1 flight on Thursday.


Employees gather on the berm at Paine Field for the Freighter’s B-1 flight.

It never gets old to see our employees line up on the berm at Paine Field to watch one of our airplanes take flight for the first time—whether it be a true first flight of a new airplane or a B-1 flight. And the excitement is going to continue all the way through September.

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Todd Cohen (Philadelphia):

Now THIS is cool and great news! I have been a staunch Boeing for for years and even when thing happen that make me wonder ( like the new MAX designation) events like this remind me why I love Boeing.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

With two aircract types being delivered in the same month and with just days away from each other, history is being made like no other time in Boeing history or civil aviation history.

Rob ( Canada) (Vancouver B.C. Canada):

Hi Randy,

Do you have the time that these aircraft will be leaving Paine field on their delivery dates? I was planning on driving down from Vancouver to watch them take off.

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Rob,

We still haven't nailed down the exact times. Feel free to check back in closer to the dates.

tom (Germany):


two compulsary exercises: two first deliveries in the third quarter!
It's a little bit late - anyhow there are more than three weeks left to manage the tasks!

But the dance will go on: The GEs, the new RRs, and the -8I are on the short term road map!

The NSA is the 737 MAX - a new marketing challenge!
Good luck


Hi Uresh, just a quick question. I read on Randy Tinseth blog this : "We're wnihctag this week as we approach 2,000 hours of testing, a real milestone. But even more important than hours, we've completed nearly 65 percent of our test conditions for 787s with Rolls-Royce engines."Does that mean that they could fly more hours in order to complete all test conditions? Or dou you think they will complete the conditions before the 100% hours mark?

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