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I’m just back from Barcelona, Spain where I attended the ISTAT Europe conference (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading). ISTAT attracts a mix of traders, airlines, leasing companies, media, financiers, and manufacturers—and there was clearly a lot of interest with attendance up 50 percent from last year. Of course, I also found some time to enjoy the local cuisine.


Getting ready for my presentation at ISTAT with Dan Da Silva, Vice President of Freighter Conversions at Boeing.


A trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete without sampling three of my favorites: ham, paella and gazpacho.

I helped kick off the first day of ISTAT with a panel discussion where I touched on the current market, our 20 year forecast, and the new 737 MAX. While the single-aisle market received the most buzz at ISTAT, the success we’ve seen from the 777 this year certainly made an impression in the marketplace as people asked the question “where is the competition and what is their plan?”

But one of my main goals at ISTAT was to reintroduce everyone to the 787 and the 747-8 now that we’re on the verge of first deliveries. After the journey to get to this point, it’s easy to forget just how much these airplanes are going to change the way we fly and the way our customers do business.


Here’s the 787 that will make history.

On Monday in Everett, we’ll celebrate with our launch customer ANA as they take delivery of the very first Dreamliner to go into service. It’s a moment I wouldn’t miss. Not only do we get the chance to thank ANA for being an incredible partner, we’ll also pay tribute to the men and women of Boeing who’ve paved the way to this historic day.

Be sure to watch Monday’s live webcast starting at 8:50am Pacific on both and I’ll share my own experiences from the ceremony right here on Monday.


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Angel Ortuño (Murcia (Spain)):

Celebrating this historic day and your stay in Spain, Randy.

Best regards, Angel

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

The 737 MAX would be a great addition to Ryanair and Air Berlins fleet. I hope the visits of the 787 to Europe will spurn additional interest of the regions air carriers.

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