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It’s easy to see why our employees are so connected to the airplanes they build. And in some cases, they also have a strong connection to the home country of a customer. One such story involves Wenarto, a manager with 747-8 Liaison Engineering. He grew up in Bali, Indonesia and got the chance to attend the delivery ceremony of Lion Air’s 50th Next-Generation 737-900ER last week. He wanted to share his story and I’m happy to oblige:

At the time I was growing up in Bali, only 2 or 3 small airplanes landed per day at our airport. Once a week I had the privilege to see a DC-10 land, and once or twice a year, a 747. My father used to take me on the weekend just to see the airplanes landing and taking off.

Wenarto (middle left) talks with Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana (middle right). Also pictured: Boyd Brown, Sales Director supporting Lion Air (far left) and Eric Lindblad, vice president of 737 Manufacturing Operations (far right).

Now that I have worked here for 25 years, I am proud to say that the aviation industry in Indonesia has improved thanks to Boeing. Last Thursday, the 50th airplane of Lion Air’s fleet came dressed in a special livery. I was able to meet Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana as he took delivery of the aircraft. The Indonesian Ambassador to the U.S. was also present along with many of my old friends from Liaison Engineering.

Lion Air’s 50th 737-900ER in special livery.

I just want to say that I am proud to be working for Boeing, and very proud to be a member of the Liaison family.

While Wenarto didn’t make the trip back to Indonesia on the delivery flight, one of my colleagues did and sent back some photos. Once the airplane arrived, a ceremonial vase was smashed on the tarmac in celebration as the crew was greeted by the media.


A ceremony to welcome the airplane to Indonesia.


Lion Air’s crew meets the media.

Thanks for sharing your story Wenarto. And congratulations to Lion Air on the milestone delivery. Lion was the launch customer for the 737-900ER and is now the largest customer and operator of this airplane in the world.

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Tim Sayers (Bellevue, WA):

Thanks for sharing a story like this - its inspiring to see stories that connect our employees and our customers, and their unique cultures as well.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States ):

I enjoyed reading the story. Lion Air has made air travel more accessible than ever to the ordinary citizens of Indonesia.

Freddy Hagens (Everett, WA):

Thanks for sharing this Indonesian story about Mr. Wenarto. Growing up in Suriname which has a very large Indonesian heritaged population the story hit home for me. It is nice to hear stories from fellow immigrant employees.

Sharon (Pittsburgh):

Beautiful livery and a lovely story . Thanks for sharing .

Melvin (Makassar, Indonesia):

God job mr. Wenarto and thanks for this sharing. Congratulation to Mr. Kirana and his Lion air for 50th B739ER. Hope that more indonesian islands and places will be connected by Lion and Wings Air.

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