A toast to the future

They may not be a 787 customer yet. But we’re already toasting our friends at RwandAir with their very own beer—RwandAle.


The Pike Brewing Company of Seattle created a special private label for RwandAir.

When the airline’s CEO John Mirenge came to Seattle to pick up his second Next-Generation 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior, we took part in a very creative surprise with the help of the Pike Brewing Company in downtown Seattle.

On the eve of the airplane’s delivery, Mirenge and other guests attended what they thought was a routine dinner at the Pike Brewing Company. But they were soon surprised with bottles of the special private label RwandAle featuring a picture of the Dreamliner in the airline’s livery.


Charles Finkel (right), founder and CEO of The Pike Brewing Company, presents John Mirenge, CEO of RwandAir, with a bottle of the private RwandAle label brew.

The plan to surprise RwandAir was hatched after the Pike Brewing Company learned Mirenge had tasted some of Pike’s lagers while in town for the airline’s previous delivery. That’s when Mirenge had outlined the airline’s aggressive plans for growth, including plans for purchasing 787 Dreamliners in the future.

“When we learned that the airline’s CEO was returning to Seattle to pick up a second Boeing plane, we invited him and his group to visit our brewery for a tour and tasting,” said Charles Finkel, founder and CEO of the brewery. “As a surprise, I took the airline’s plans for future Dreamliners, along with some of the CEO’s poetic language, and used that as the motivation for a special label.”

“We came to Seattle to pick up our second airplane, but we are leaving with a newfound friendship and a great partnership we can bring to the people of Rwanda,” said RwandAir’s Mirenge. “Now all of Rwanda can see the great partnerships we have created in Seattle — such a great place with great people.”


Members of RwandAir, Boeing and Pike Brewing Company celebrate with a toast.

I got my own bottle and have already sampled it. Very hoppy— and good. Cheers to RwandAir!

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Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

The 787 will look great in RwandAir livery.

Now that the 787 has entered service with ANA, there are more pictures taken by aviation enthusiasts which show the plane in different angles. This airplane looks like a dolphin at Sea World, nowhere near the size of a killer whale (A380 or B748) but more nimble and capable of going through many hoops!

Randy Young (Las Vegas):

The Boeing 787 is the most amazing looking, aerodynamic, technological advanced Airliner ever made. Now other manufactures are coping it. I wont mention names...cough A350.
If your airline flys Boeing, My company & staff are Flying your Airline.

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

Rwand Air made the best option: 737-800 and 787. Simply Fantastic. They got BOEING SKY INTERIOR for 737-800 that would be the best option to get highest passenger comfort. Another great option to use 787. The best aerodynic display any airline can show with it. Brilliant Work by Rwand Air along with BOEING SALES TEAM....Forever the Frontier

bikerbob (Lancaster, Ca.):

When I fly it has to be in a Boeing aircraft because I want to get there in one piece and be comfortable as well. I don't know if you have ever flown in an Airbus but it's just like it's name,air.. bus. It reminds me of a Greyhound Bus. I've been aboard (not fly in) the new 787 and it's outrageous, it rocks! I want to go for a ride in one as soon as I can get a ticket.

Ian B (Kansas):

Was it a Dreamliner he was picking up (as was on the beer label) or a 737-800 as the article mentioned? Two very different aircraft.

DonS (Seattle, WA):

It's not possible to taste a "lager" made by Pike. It's an ale brewery! Which airline will be the first to have 787 flights serving SEA?

tom (Germany):


"everybody" can work with metals...
But the B787 ist a real game changer in terms of education. People must learn to work with "plastics".
Apart from prizing the B787 will be a real challenge for most of the African states...
Just hopping from Kigali to f.e. Addis for maintenace is still a very long way, too.

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

Well done Rwand Air. A great machine is 787. Keep on rocking the sky. 737-800 produces the momentum of perfection and 787 gives the lighten-meet of ultimate comfort and sales revenue. The innovation lives forever of 787. 787-9 and 787-10 will give the chance to step forward to the magnitude of excellence.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Great find. It is not everyday that you find an airline and an airliner associated with that airline in a bottle of ale. I wonder how many other airlines and aircraft have been immortalised in a great brew? I'll be sure to buy one.

Gaurav P Singh (Stamford , CT.):

Should have given the CEO the beer in a custom CFRP can :-)...

Ronald Lee Cuie II (Seattle, Washington):

It is a joy to see these African based major airlines moving up with these very sharp wide body jets. Ethiopian Airlines, Kenyan Airways, Egypt?, Angola and Nigeria's national carriers all have to my understanding have purchased or plans to purchase the wide body jets. I am very happy...anyone else Africa?

Derek (Pittsburgh, PA):

I've been aboard (not fly in) the new 787 and it's outrageous, it rocks! I want to go for a ride in one as soon as I can get a ticket.

Renato Dini (Genova, Italy):

737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner are the best choice today for all airlines,without exceptions! Also 777 and 747-8 families are the best performers for long-haul flights. I am lucky and proud because most of italian airlines use Boeing aircraft with a state of the art technology and without the sidestick control...(Airbus docet..)

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