Two milestones with one delivery

It’s only fitting that our best-selling 777, the 777-300ER, helped mark two recent milestones. We just delivered our 300th 777-300ER to Biman Bangladesh Airlines. It was also the airline’s first 777-300ER.


The first 777-300ER for Biman Bangladesh.

This delivery continues a big fleet modernization push by Biman Bangladesh. The airline operates an all-Boeing fleet and will soon add more 777-300ERs as well as the 787-8 Dreamliner and Next-Generation 737-800. The chairman of the airline says the 777-300ER will usher in a new era of commercial aviation for his nation. It was also a proud day for about 30 Boeing engineers with ties to Bangladesh who were on hand for the delivery ceremony.


Boeing employees with ties to Bangladesh celebrate outside Biman’s new airplane.

The 777-300ER has been ordered by 37 customers around the globe and is a major reason that we’re on track to set a 777 record for total orders in one year. As of October 18, there were 125 net orders for the 777. The record is 154 set back in 2005. I’ll keep you posted as we head down the home stretch.


The wildly popular 777-300ER.

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Alex Jossi (Portland, Oregon):

The 777 is awesome! Glad we got one down here in Portland's paint shop!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Simply, what a stunning aircraft... Orders for this aircraft will surpass those of the 747-400, an indication of its market success, but also growth in the overall market.

Robert (Vegas):

The 777 is my favorite and probably always will be . I am hoping to see that 2005 record shattered . Best to you Randy.

Norman (Long Beach, California):

Biman Bangladesh's livery fits very well with the 777-300ER. The 787 and 737 will look real good in the Biman Bangladesh livery when they receive the aircraft.

Rummana (Philadelphia,pa):

So glad a Boeing plane was bought by Bangladesh. I can't wait to fly there in a 777!

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

777-300ER is the benchmark in its own aristocracy and efficiency. Boeing created lots of innovation in the breath of motion, vision, temptation, and above all else with the touch of perfection. Feeling proud to see 300th 777-300ER has been delivered to Biman. The airplane is made to accomplish its mission for long haul destinations like DHAKA-LONDON-DHAKA, DHAKA-ROME-MILAN-DHAKA, and the proposed DHAKA-MANCHESTER-NEW YORK-DHAKA. GE90-115B is an exclusive engine created for 777-300ER. Life is there in its thrust power of 115,300 pound. Looking forward to the development of 777-8X and 777-9X. Emirates Chief Tim Clark already shown his interest with this option. THIS IS BOEING.....FOREVER THE FRONTIER....ROCK ON THE SKY....

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

If I put my head on one of those GE-90 engines, I will get an express hair cut!

I remember of the days that Biman was a small airline company struggling to buy vintage aircraft. They succeed beautifully, responsibly, and now they are there operating cutting-edge technology aircraft from Boeing. People like them full me of inspiration. Perseverance is a wonderful thing!

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

The 777-300ER is the most worthy successor to overtake the 767-300ER as the number one widebody series. May it lord over the 332,333,and 787-8 until the 787-9 is rightfully handed the crown.


The 777-300ER will bring new horizon for Bangladesh Biman.This new aircraft will start the modernization process for national flag career with decent and elegant passenger services in all the routes around the world.In addition, Biman will add more 9 aircrafts in their fleet by 2019 with boeing dreamliner 787.

I hope and strongly believe, Biman Bangladesh will adorn in a new look with modern aircrafts.

Murshed h Siddiqui (Dhaka):

700-300ER, what a graceful look, Biman's color combination red-green ribon over white is awesome.....Bangladesh Airlines should be proud to have four of these birds.

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