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On any other day, a wing spar load in our Renton factory would be considered routine. But that simple action today was a huge step forward in our Next-Generation 737 program. This morning, we began work on the first airplane produced at the rate of 35 a month.


Members of the 737 team start building the first airplane at 35 a month.

Make no mistake—this is all a very orchestrated dance. Our employees played a crucial role by developing more efficient processes in the factory. We also made capital investments like a new, more efficient systems installation line for wings and the expansion of some areas. Finally, we worked closely with our suppliers to make sure they’re on the same page as us. In fact, employees in our Fabrication division made the parts that will become the spar, our first work on the airplane at the 35 a month rate.


Lloyd Wilson checks out the first rivet driven on the first 737 at the new 35 a month rate.

You only have to look at the numbers to see just how popular the Next-Generation 737 is and why it continues to be the best selling airplane in history. We currently have 310 net orders so far this year with more than 2200 on backlog. The steps we’re taking now will allow us to keep pace with the demand from our customers all over the world. Congratulations to our 737 team for always making things happen!

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Rene Fabre (Renton, Washington):

Way to go and made in Renton! Makes me proud. Indeed, congratulations 737 team.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

A huge part of the groundwork for this rate increase can be attributed to the Lean+ (Integral/Red in Ted Piepenbrock's Integral-Modular Red-Blue industry theory) instituted by former Vice President Boeing Airplane Programs and Vice President 737 Program Carolyn Corvi. An example is the moving assembly line. Obviously, this has been years in planning to get supply chains ready to a few planes more each month without straining. Interesting to observe. Congratulations..

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

A great No 35!!! Congratulations to the 737 Team...737 NG got simply a high degree of lower maintenance cost, fuel efficiency and keeping up the range suited with stage length. A great innovation is 737NG.....that will be followed by 737 MAX....Boeing always proves the essence of maintenance efficiency of every pattern of aircraft they build....737-700/800/900/900ER all are the basic instinct of ultimate sales revenue in comparison with operating cost. Always feel proud to see the no counting 35 per month. It is the trendsetting example how supply chains keeping pace with assembly line. BOEING LIVES FOREVER....FOREVER THE FRONTIER.....ROCK ON THE SKY...

Norman (Long Beach, California ):

After more than 40 years of operational service it is no accident that the 737, four decades onwards, is being produced as a rate of 35 units a month. The economy, reliability and ease of maintenance of the 737 is what makes the plane a popular item for the airline industry and in particular the budget airline industry for years.

MEL (Mumbai,INDIA):

35 is a huge number.Congrats to Boeing.B737 is a very maintenance friendly Aircraft.I work in Maintenance & I find it one of the best around.

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