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After spending the first half of this week in South Korea where the 787 Dreamliner made its Korean debut at the Seoul Air Show, I’m now in Tokyo where all the buzz is about the 787’s first revenue flight. The inaugural flight for ANA’s Dreamliner takes place October 26 from Narita Airport to Hong Kong. While I won’t be able to stick around and experience it myself, several of my Boeing colleagues from the 787 program will be on board to celebrate.


The Dreamliner made its Korean debut by landing in Seoul earlier this week.

If there’s been a theme to my trip through Northeast Asia, it’s the excitement that still surrounds the 787. In Seoul, I got to see firsthand how aviation enthusiasts — young and old— love this airplane. Some preschool kids were even lucky enough to take a field trip to the airport to watch the Dreamliner’s arrival in Seoul.


Fans of all ages turned out to see the 787 land in Seoul.

The 787 later went on display in front of tens of thousands at the Seoul Air Show. The Northeast Asia market is primed and ready for this airplane. In fact, our market forecast shows the region will need 1,250 new airplanes over the next 20 years— mostly for growth. About 45 percent of the demand will be for twin aisle aircraft like the Dreamliner and 777, as well as large aircraft like the 747-8.

Congratulations again to our friends at ANA as they prepare for what promises to be a very memorable inaugural flight of their first 787. I’ll leave you with a photo of a fantastic dinner I had in Seoul featuring Korean barbecue and soju. It was great to be a Seoul Man, if only for a few days.


The perfect way to end a perfect day in Seoul.

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Imaplaneiac (Warner Robins,GA.):

Randy, since the year 2000, I've spent a cumulative time of 10 months in Japan; on airplane " spotting " / photography trips. What you'v reported in your blog, and in other Boeing news releases etc. about the Japanese spotters ( aviation enthusisast )interest in the 787 is the NORM! I've done extensive photography at both Narita and Haneda Airports during my spotting trips, and have ALWAYS seen throngs of Japanese doing likewise! So, their interest in the 787 is NOT extraordinary - it's NORMAL for Japanese spotters! Spotting is quite common throughout Asia and Europe, as well! However, here in America, our government treats us, enthusiasts, and the general public, as terrorists - until proven innocent! Furthermore, even though I bear a valid military ID, I cannot access airport concourses unless I'm flying that day!? Why isn't a military ID card not good enough for the TSA?! Furthermore, most observation decks - once common at all majot airports around America - are nearly if not totally extinct! So, though America is the birthplace of aviation, and has a rich aviation history, most Americans cannot identify the type airplane they see or fly on!? So, I go to Japan or Europe to pursue my hobby among fellow aviation enthusiasts; where airport security personnel don't harass me!!!! ALL commercial airports in Japan have observation decks - as you've seen. I've been a planeiac since age 4 ( I'm rapidly approaching age 62 ) and my interest in commercial aviation has never waned!

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Randy, I sincerely hope that Boeing will send the 787 Dreamliner to Johannesburg, South Africa! Also, whilst it's in Jo'burg, you can fly it to Cape Town with customers/guests and have a photo op with Table Mountain forming the backdrop! Sure that'll be a great photo.

So, no excuse. You guys better send that super-efficient, technologically advanced game-changing 787 to South Africa soon. Period.

Norman (Long Beach, California ):

The 787 is perfect for Korean Air and other Korean airlines to operate within to Japan, China, Australia, Europe or non-primary but important US destinations like DFW,IAH,ATL,BOS, PHL,PDX,PHX,SAN,DEN,MCO and other places.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Looks tasty -- what is the green bottle, beer?

It's been around the United States, it's been about Europe, and Russia. South America, the Indian Subcontinent and far east are now all logbook inscriptions. Two more regions await, Australasia & Africa, after it's appearance in next month's Dubai Air Show

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