Spirit of Seattle

I stopped off in Washington, D.C. last week for a quick visit after wrapping up my market outlook presentations in Canada. And look what was waiting to carry me back to Seattle!


My ride back to Seattle from DC.

It’s a sight you don’t see very often. This beautiful Alaska Airlines 737 decked out in the “Spirit of Seattle” livery was my ride home from Reagan Airport. The livery was introduced in 2008 to celebrate the hometown partnership between Alaska Airlines and Boeing.

I also wanted to share my own winglet photo I snapped as the sun was setting during the ride from DC to Seattle. A great way to end a very memorable trip.


A beautiful sunset.

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Jay (Renton):

Wonderful pics of a very photogenic airplane! Thanks!

Ellis (Seattle):

I have never seen this one at Seatac. Very fitting that you got to fly on this Randy. Nice photos

Lois (Renton):

This special livery was to commemorate Alaska Airline's all 737 fleet, having just retired their last MD-80. I remember seeing the blue face come down the assembly line...pretty darn cool.

David Sardenga (New Orleans):

Great company great products great job. I remain envious.

J.G. (Chicago, IL):

Hi Randy,

I, too, have many a similar photo of the 737-823/winglet of AAL with the aa.com logo on the inside of the winglet taken from first class. (Being an AA employee has its privileges!!!!) Thanks for making and marketing a superior product. I truly love the 737-800.

AAL Chicago IL

Norman (Long Beach ):

Great evening shot of the engine and wing, great contrast of the worm colors from the Sun on the engine and cool colors of the background sky.

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