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Here’s a cool fact for the Boeing history books. Today, the second airplanes from each of our new programs were contractually delivered to our customers. Cargolux flew their second 747-8 Freighter directly to Luxembourg a short time afterward, while ANA will fly away with their second 787 Dreamliner on Saturday.


Side by side. The second 747-8 Freighter for Cargolux and the second 787 for ANA.

I also wanted to share a great photo from Sea-Tac Airport where Cargolux put its first Freighter into revenue service yesterday, loading 101.5 tonnes of cargo. After a 9-hour flight to Luxembourg, the new Freighter greeted observers with a low fly-by.


Cargolux puts its first 747-8 Freighter to work.

The 747 program also began Function & Reliability (F&R) certification testing on Wednesday for the 747-8 Intercontinental, one of the last phases of flight testing prior to certification. During this testing phase, Boeing pilots will show the airplane, its components and equipment are reliable and function properly in simulated airline operation. The Intercontinental has completed more than 75 percent of the flight testing required to achieve its Amended Type Certification.

Meanwhile, our friends at ANA began training this week on their first 787 by flying the Dreamliner to airports including Haneda, Kansai and Naha. ANA will fly its first revenue flight between Tokyo and Hong Kong on October 26.


ANA does more training on its first 787 Dreamliner at Haneda Airport.

It’s great to see our airplanes being delivered and even better seeing our customers putting them into action.

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Varun G (Chicago Illinois):

It is great to see both of these revolutionary programs coming to life. The Boeing team has done a great job. I cant wait for the 747-8 intercontinental to enter service. It has taken a long time, but finally we are seeing all of these programs to make progress. Thank you Boeing for the amazing products that you make.

Travis (Portland, OR):

If ANA is flying their 2nd 787 on Saturday, will Saturday visitors to the Future of Flight get to see the plane or departure? Do you have an estimated time of departure?

Alex (Belgrade, Serbia):

Would you care to comment on why the "787" titles are not in standard Boeing font on the ANA airplane?

Randy Tinseth:

The Future of Flight is the perfect place to watch. I'm not sure of the exact flyaway time. The best bet is to keep your eyes on Flight Aware online.

Azzouz(Utrecht, Europe) (Utrecht):

Hello airplane-lovers, i was wondering why the new 747-8 has no winglets to save fuel?
Great plane!

Angel (Murcia (Spain)):

View the 747 and 787 together, about to enter service with its new operators is a dream come true.

There have been many years of testing and development, including some tough times. Now it is time to recognize a job well done and congratulate all the team at Boeing.

Congratulations and I hope to fly in them soon!

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Alex,

ANA is using a special livery on their first two 787s. That's the reason the title looks different.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

What a beautiful day... Much challenges getting up to this point. Something worth celebrating, as Boeing takes the next difficult steps to deliver on these planes to customers near and far. Well done!

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):


Congratulations on the 2 747-8F freighter & 787 Dreamliner deliveries~!

I've been hearing that the 787 production ramp-up has been progressively very well, albeit the large amount of rework needed on early-built example.

I hope the 787 ramp-up will be as good & exciting as the first 787 delivery~!

Will you come to Hong Kong this Oct 26 on that ANA flight, Randy?

If yes, I'd like to have a lunch or dinner or a Starbucks session with you~!

Aspire Aviation.

Alberto Maya R. (MedellĂ­n, Colombia):

Many things to remember. Many advances and some setbacks. Finally, the future is here with the two models (the 787-8 Dreamliner and the 747-8F, which is the omen of the next -8 Intercontinental). Congratulations!

Norman (Long Beach ):

Not bad, the first 747-8 cargo is at work with Cargolux and the first 787 is already in the hands of the first customer, ANA.

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