777th Heaven

Talk about one for the record books. Emirates’ order for 50 of our 777s is still all the buzz here at the Dubai Airshow. We woke up this morning to headlines such as 777th Heaven: Emirates Breaks Record with Boeing Deal (Flight Daily News), Triple Ripple (Flight Daily), Boeing Lands Triple Whammy (Arabian Aerospace), and Emirates Logs Record Busting Order for 777s (Dubai Airshow News).


Emirates Airline ordered 50 777-300ERs worth $18 billion.

This is the largest order ever for Boeing in terms of dollar value and officially puts us over the top for the most orders in a single year for the 777. With the Emirates order, the 2011 net order book for the 777 currently stands at 182.

While this order is incredible for Boeing, I’m also excited about what it means for our employees, the city of Everett and all of Western Washington. It sustains thousands of jobs and will keep our 777 employees busy for quite a while. It’s straggering to think that when we increase our 777 production rate to a record 8.3/month in 2013, this single order from Emirates will be a half year’s worth of production. It’s also great news for our suppliers around the world. Congratulations to our 777 team on winning this order.


The 777 sets a record for most orders in a single year.

While it’s clear the Middle East is a hot market for airplanes, my own market outlook presentation during the air show was also hot— literally. I ditched my sportscoat as I spoke in front of media from all over the world who endured a room without air conditioning. But everyone was eager to hear about what’s fueling the growth in this region. Over the next 20 years, we expect the Middle East to need an extra 2,520 new airplanes valued at $450 billion.


Presenting the Middle East Current Market Outlook in a very warm room in Dubai.

Our customers in the Middle East believe that newer, more efficient airplanes will give them a competitive edge over their rivals in Europe and Asia. And we believe that Boeing is in a perfect position to meet their needs. The bulk of the demand comes from the airlines’ ambitious plans to fly new routes. In fact Emirates says it will soon offer daily, non-stop flights from Seattle to Dubai via the 777.

While the 777 is making headlines here in Dubai, the 787 continues to turn heads. The Dreamliner we have on display has been visited by heads of state, members of the military, CEO’s from our customers, and the public. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, also toured the airplane.


Sheikh Mohammed (bottom right) finishes a tour of the 787.

An aerobatic skywriting plane even drew a giant heart in the sky to show how much they love the 787.


I Heart 787.

By the way, Oman Air became our newest Dreamliner customer at the air show, ordering six 787s. This continues to be a great air show and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ll leave you today with just a sample of the great food we’re enjoying in Dubai.


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Chris Cook (South Africa):

Congratulations on that truly phenomenal order from Emirates for an additional 50 777-300ERs! This is a significant milestone that Emirates and Boeing must be incredibly proud of.

Good to see the aviation industry looking so positive! Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us all over the next few days of the Dubai Airshow!

V V (Montréal, Québec):

I have always considered the 777-300ER as an "anomaly" in recent aviation history as I expressed in a comment in your blog back in 2009.

It looks like this aircraft will continue to dominate the 300-400 seat long-haul market segment until the end of this decade.

When the 777-9 will replace the 777-300ER, the latter will have dominated its market segment during almost twenty years since its entry into service in 2004.

Kevin (Los Angles, CA):

While this order leaves no doubt as to which airplane is the best for the 300-400 seat long-haul market, I hope that more airlines realize that the 747-8I is the best for the 400-500 seat market!

Tom (Germany):


Seattle is situated in Asian....or there are no rivals for Emirates in US..like in Africa or Oceania...
You might be right!

Anyhow this is a big deal for Boeing even if not all of the aircrafts will mean an increase of capacity as some of them might be a simple replacement.
There was the MD11 between the 767 and the 747-400.
The 777 was is a good solution and still is it.

Pong Pedregosa (Tung Chung, Hong Kong):

Oh my! With the way things are going, the B777 will be in production for the next 50 years.

By the way where's the opposition's vaunted `B777 killer'?

Frank McAvennie (London):

A great achievement by Boeing for a great aircraft that's clearly the best in its class. It will take something significant to displace the 777 from its position as number 1 in its category. And a 2nd "well done" for exceeding sales targets for this aircraft.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

The all time record for best selling widebody series has been broken. Formerly held by the 767-300ER at 578 orders, the 777-300ER has surpassed that with 595.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Wow, great order from Emirates Airline for 50 777-300ERs. I think interest will be strong for a next generation version of the 777. Despite some of the fears that the A350-1000 would stall orders for the 777-300ER some time ago the 777-300ER is way ahead.

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