1000 reasons to love the 777

The 777 team is celebrating two milestones this week that mark the program’s incredible history and its bright future.

On Monday, the 50th 777 Freighter produced by the program was delivered to FedEx. This is FedEx’s 16th 777 Freighter, making FedEx the largest operator of the freighter in the world.


Our 50th 777 Freighter.

Today, employees gathered in Everett as work began on the 1000th 777. Production began with the loading of the 97-foot wing spar - the main support structure for the wing - into a giant tool that automatically drills, measures and installs more than 5,000 fasteners into the spar. The 1000th airplane, a 777-300ER for Emirates, will be delivered in March.


Work begins on the 1000th 777.

The numbers once again point to the 777’s popularity not only with our customers, but the flying public. 64 airlines have ordered the airplane over the past 16 years. Our current backlog stands at 325 and that number continues to grow as customers place orders this year at an amazing pace.


Mechanics (left to right) Ricky Farrow, Mark Oglesby and Bruce Larsen all worked on the first 777.

Larry Loftis, vice president and GM of the 777 program, said it best. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the innovation and inspiration of the thousands of Boeing employees and the more than 500 suppliers around the globe. Here’s to the next 1000 777s!


777 VP & GM Larry Loftis speaks to members of the 777 team as work began on the 1000th airplane.

Comments (7)

Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Truly an awesome plane!

Can't wait to see the 777 updated and continue to do extremely well for the next 1000 planes.

Randy, will the update involve significant changes like what happened between the 737 classic to 737 NG or will it be a milder update such as the 737 NG to the Max?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Great news! I can see 1000 reason to launch the next generation of 777 with all the orders that are still coming. I hope to see another 1000 777s and more!

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Congratulations Boeing on the 1,000th 777. A well crafted masterpiece.

Jacobin777 (SJC):

Congrats on the 1000th B777!

4-5 Years ago, many of us (including myself) were somewhat skeptical on 1,500 B777's being sold, this might turn out to be a reality now - of course, I'm not complaining...:-)

I also cannot wait to see a B77X with improved wings, aerodynamics, etc.

I guess there is a reason why EK's Clark says that he loves the B77W "besides the price". A great aircraft demands a premium.

TC (Mount Venon, WA):

The 777F has 40 orders for 2011. That looks like a yearly record for any jet freighter ever sold.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

The 767 reached the same milestone in January 2011

Boeing Celebrates Final Assembly of the 1,000th 767

Of course, the 767 entered service in 1982, the 777 did so in 1995. The original service envelop of ETOPs (twin operations) has seen accelerating acceptance. That's marketing validation..

Filip (Krakow, Poland):

Amazing plane!
I'm looking forward to seeing it's updated version

It would be great to introduce that plane in 2016 , at Boeing's 100 years anniversary

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