A Week to Remember

How many times can you make history in one week? At Boeing, it seems the answer is three.

  1. A record order from Emirates for our 777s
  2. A record year for 777 orders
  3. A record commitment from Lion Air for 737s

At the end of this week, we recorded orders and commitments for 359 airplanes. It shows not only the incredible demand for Boeing products, but also incredible faith from our customers. For that, I say thank you to our customers and congratulations to our employees. Here’s a recap:

Emirates Airline ordered 50 777-300ERs, with options for 20 more.

Oman Air ordered six 787-8s.

Qatar Airways ordered two 777 Freighters.

Lion Air committed to buy 201 737 MAXs and 29 Next Generation 737-900ERs. The agreement also includes purchase rights for an additional 150 airplanes

Aviation Capital Group (ACG) committed to buy 35 737 MAX airplanes and finalized a firm order for 20 Next-Generation 737-800s.

Singapore Airlines finalized order for eight 777-300ERs

Unidentified customer ordered eight 777s.


Plenty of Boeing products on display in Dubai.

I just returned from the Dubai Airshow and can’t remember a more exhilarating week during my 30 years at Boeing. The air show proved that Boeing is the leader in the widebody market. The gorgeous image of an Emirates 777-300ER trailed by aerobatic planes was the perfect way to end a perfect show.


In a stunning finale to the Dubai Airshow, an Emirates 777-300ER took to the skies flanked by the United Arab Emirates’ aerobatic team.

Outside the air show, the 737 MAX grabbed the spotlight. It’s now set to lead the way in the single-aisle market just like the Next-Generation 737 has done for so many years. The commitments from Lion and ACG show the MAX and NG will be a key part of our customers’ fleet for years to come.



It’s also worth noting the ripple effect all of this will have on the economy. This week’s deals show the surging demand for Boeing airplanes—which in turn drives our production rate increase—which in turns drives job creation. More than 11,000 new jobs have been added just this year alone at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It’s a reason to cheer what will truly be a week to remember.

Comments (7)

Kevin (Los Angles, CA):

These record breaking orders reaffirm the fact that there are many people all over the world who prefer flying on Boeing aircraft over the competition's.

David Joe (Davao City, Philippines):

Congratulations Boeing!

I always love to see a 777.

Mohammad Eftekharianfard (tehran,tehran,Iran):

I like to work on 777 & Emirates airlines,I am aircraft Ground engineer(A&P man)

Thomas V. Horstmann (Portland, Oregon):

Wow, what a week!!!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats to Boeing with all the recent orders especially on the 50 777-300ERs from Emirates and 230 737s from Lion Air.

V V (Montréal, Québec):

It is more than just a week to remember.

I think 2011 will also be a year to remember. There is still one month to go, but the 777 has already accumulated more than 180 orders year to date.

Kira Lee (Mexico):


Thank you for making your website for Boeing
truly an enjoyable read visually, intellectually and personally.

The number 7 is a rather powerful number and Boeing has worked hard and done a brilliant job in excellerating the advancements in technology for air travel.

Just curious, my 9 year old son wnats to know when he'll be flying his air-car-plane to work and school?
Sure, it sounds great to have mini planes that we can drive/fly around in to avoid traffic etc. But what about "air traffic control"? Is it even a possibility?

Wishing you and yours-and Boeing a great Thanksgiving!

Kira Lee

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