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After giving her a beautiful new paint job and gorgeous interior, we’re ready to unveil the big plans for ZA003—the third 787 Dreamliner. We’re hitting the proverbial road and taking the airplane on a 787 Dream Tour. The six month tour starts in December in China.


ZA003 on display at the Dubai Airshow.

If you saw the inside of any of our flight test airplanes, you know they were focused on being functional. But with this makeover, ZA003 is now focused on showing our customers some of the great design opportunities that the 787 offers.



The December schedule for the 787 Dream Tour includes six stops in Asia, Africa and the Middle East:

Dec. 4-11: China with stops in Beijing, Guangzhou and Haikou to visit customers, partners, and government officials including representatives from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Air China, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Aviation Industries of China (AVIC) and Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Co. (CAC).

Dec. 11-16: Africa with stops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Nairobi, Kenya to visit Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways.

Dec. 16-19: Middle East stop in Doha to visit Qatar Airways.

We’ll announce the rest of the stops about a month in advance. After seeing the airplane in Dubai and giving media a tour, I know people are really going to love what they see on the Dream Tour. It’s truly a stunning interior that will turn heads. I plan to be flying on the airplane for at least one of the tour stops and look forward to seeing the reaction.

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David (New Orleans LA 70124):

Any chance she will make a low pass fly over Mardi Gras or the Super Bowl ??

pier (Indonesia):

Lion has ordered your boeing in a large number. why don't you try to schedule in exposing B 787 to Indonesian people. I think boeing is not fair in this term...Come on...come to Jakarta, we want to see this new one!

bankelele (Nairobi, Kenya):

How can we welcome the 787 in Nairobi?

Tyler Forrester (Toronto, ON):

Is the 787 coming to YYZ? How would I get on board?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Wow, that is quite an interior and that is just from a picture, imagine seeing the cabin in real life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lee (Toronto):

Hi Randy

Do you know the date B787 will visit Canada and at what cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver? Since AC will be the launch customer in Canada.

RobH (Springfield, MO):

Mr. Tinseth, I am surprised that you didn't go with the Sunrise Livery (like the -8i)! Nonetheless, she's still as pretty as her big sisters.

Henry Tan (Singapore):

Hello Randy,
All my best wishes for a massively successful Dream Tour. May the sales keep ringing up.
I hope I am not being a posterior orifice by asking again whether the Dreamliner will coming to the Singapore Air show in February as part of the tour and if so, how do I ensure that I can get up close and personal with her? I have been dreaming of this graceful bird for years and fervently wish to get into her insides at the earliest opportunity.

colin (hudson wi):

will it be stopping by msp-kmsp if so i will leave school like i did with the a380

Simon (Nairobi, Kenya):

Cant wait to see the Dreamliner here in Kenya!!

Chris (Honolulu, Hawaii):

I hope you're going to add Hawaii as a stop... because I'm SURE that you want to stop by, Randy =D

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

Dear Randy:

I would like you publicized videos of the 747-8 Intercontinental takeoffs from the inside. I bet the 747-8 Intercontinental is even quieter than the 787-8. It will be amazing to be those huge engines working on those perfect huge wings.

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

Would love to see it make a U.S. Tour, in connection with one of the the U.S. carriers which has ordered it, like United. What a great way to create buzz for the airline, Boeing and the DREAMLINER!

Lee (Philadelphia, Pa):

Hi Randy. When the 777 went on tour, it stopped in Philadelphia. What I think stole the show were those enormous engines. Very memorable indeed to see it up close. Please tell me the 787 will pay us a visit too!! Can't wait to see it. Thanks.

kenya nairobi:

Hy Randy am a kenyan girl pursuing diploma in aeronautical. Engineering ts been my biggest dream to just see 787 when it lands in kenya nairobi.kindly grant me a life time oppurtunity when it lands in kenya this december.kindly make my dream come true and I wil live to appreciate.I hope one day to captain 787 Boeing

Thulisile (Nairobi,Kenya):

I have come to Nairobi from SA with the hope of at least catching a glimpse of the Dreamliner. Please advise if this is possible

Spencer (montreal):

Montreal should be on the dream tour stop. after all, air canada has 37 orders of 787.

bankelele (Nairobi):

Thanks for bringing the Dreamliner World Tour to Nairobi

Recap: http://bankelele.blogspot.com/2011/12/boeing-787-in-nairobi.html

James Kuria (Nairobi, Kenya):

Thank you so much for bringing the Dreamliner to Nairobi. I was an intern at Kenya Airways then and am proud to say I was among the few people who entered the dreamliner at Kenya Airways base. I like the new design of the window. That tint is classy. Am an aircraft technician and am hoping to achieve 787 rating

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