Signing off from Dubai

Even though the Dubai Airshow is winding down, I have to admit that I’m still all wound up. When I look back over the past few days, which some have described as a bit of a circus, I can’t help but be excited and encouraged about Boeing’s future. We made history with a huge 777 order and added a 787 customer.


Since Emirates ordered 50 of our 777s, I thought it was only fair that I buy one of theirs.

John Leahy from Airbus made the statement that the A320neo was the star of the Dubai Airshow. We beg to differ. The numbers for the Emirates 777 order speak for themselves. And as for the real star—judging from all the smiling faces of everyone who went on board, I’d have to say our Dreamliner stole the show. About 300 people went through the airplane every hour.


The skin of the 787— smooth as silk.

As I get ready to say goodbye to what’s been an incredibly memorable air show in Dubai, it hit me that this is my final air show of 2011. All of the shows this year have been exciting, informative and a bit exhausting. But I can’t wait to start things all over again in Singapore in 2012. As I’m signing off, I’ll leave you with the video below that recaps the week and some more pictures from our adventures in Dubai.


One of the many interviews I did with journalists from almost every continent.


A model of our new 737 MAX at Dubai.


A model of a FedEx 777 Freighter on display.


Another great meal in Dubai.

Comments (10)

Amelia aguilar (Madrid, Spain):

Hi Randy,
I love your posts about airshows. Pelase keep on blogging.

Daniel Ding (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Congrats to Boeing and Randy for another successful Dubai Airshow! Keep on flyin'

Jordan (Philly):

I am always envious of your travels Randy . Congrats to all on a great air show .

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney, Australia):

Congratulations Boeing on a very successful Dubai Airshow 2011, particularly the Emirates 777 order, and the very popular Dreamliner (people voted with their feet).

I was fortunate to have a close up inspection of Dremaliner ZA001 in Sydney yesterday, and came away just amazed by the technology and innovation in this aircraft. Dreamliner really is a revolution in aircraft design and systems, and I look forward to seeing them in service with Qantas and Jetstar in Australia.

Hannes Meyer (Dubai, UAE):

Very nice to have met you on the B787 in Dubai. As I said, keep up the great work with the blog.
Congrats with the Emirates B777 order as well.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Beautiful scale model of the MAX 8 with the lighted windows. Off to the right wing, there looks to be a cutaway model of a 747-8I. How about a few pictures of that most interesting display?

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Well, it's been a great show -- the Emirates deal for 50x 777-300ER is just awesome. These posts have also been great, always make a point a sharing the food, thanks.

Andrew (Boise, ID):

Randy, I really appreciate your approach in these presentations on your Blog. I have noticed often the competition paints a picture using an expansion of dialog which gives the illusion of superlative results, when in fact your job helps illuminate how well Boeing does through its vision, engineering, and production. Boeing gives its customers the best as seen in Dubai. The extremely hard, harder, and hardest work by Team Boeing is represented in the 787,777,747 and 737 families of aircraft. Its no wonder why the competition scrambles its own designs to change aircraft performance. Why have better when you can have the best with a Boeing.

Henry Tan/Singapore:

Hi Randy,
Congratulations to Boeing for an extremely successful week. Emirates' 50 777s and 230 737s from Lion Air. WOW x infinity!!!

I have 2 questions. Is the Dreamliner coming to the Singapore Air show in February and if so, how do I ensure that I can get up close and personal with her? I have been dreaming of this graceful bird for years and fervently wish to get into her insides at the earliest opportunity.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

It has been quite a week for Boeing at the air show, you cant beet 50 additional orders for the 777-300ER from Emirates Airline. There is not much in new orders in the A350 front right now with concern from airlines on the A350-1000s size and range.

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