Dubai Debut

DUBAI — Hello from the Middle East, where the Dreamliner made its debut in this region today. ZA003, the third 787, showed off its new paint job as it landed for the big Dubai Airshow. The airplane had the logos of all 56 Dreamliner customers to honor them.


ZA003 lands in Dubai with the logos of our 787 customers on its nose.

As I was giving a group of journalists a tour of the airplane, something strange happened. For the first time that I’ve ever seen, the group turned right as they entered the door instead of turning left for the cockpit. That’s how excited they were to check out the interior of the airplane that we recently installed to highlight the passenger experience.



The media got a kick out of trying out the large overhead bins— as well as dimming the windows with the touch of a button. This airplane was originally used for flight testing but was refurbished to showcase its features.



The cockpit was so quiet, I actually got the chance to sit down and chat undisturbed with 787 chief pilot Randy Neville.


This airplane really reflects the true passenger experience for the 787 Dreamliner and proves that we’ve changed the way you’ll fly. I know it will be a huge hit in the coming days here at the air show which officially starts tomorrow. I’ll be blogging on all the events, so be sure to check back.


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Varun G (Chicago Illinois):

Hey Randy,
What amazing pictures. I absolutely can not wait to fly on this beautiful plane. With the LED lights, the large stowage bins, the dimming windows, the new cabin feel, and the lower cabin altitude really make me want to fly on this plane. I can not wait for United to get theirs. Hey Randy, did American Airlines order Dreamliners, because I have heard it in many videos, yet it is not on Also what happened with the landing gear incident on the 787? I cant wait to fly on the 787 and wish the program good luck.

Chris Cook (South Africa):

The super-efficient 787 Dreamliner is quite simply an airplane beyond superlatives! The 787 is undisputably the most important commercial airplane of our era, and how exciting it is that this game-changing airplane has started proving her worth.

All the best of success at this years Dubai Airshow!

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Truly a great plane. I can;t wait for Airbus t release a real A350 - so we can measure up the competition.

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Dubai Here We Come with B777, B787 and B747-8. Best Wishes to Boeing!

Thomas Horstmann, Jr.. (Portland, OR):

Wow, BOE1 looks great inside and out! What an amazing aircraft.

BTW, great job in securing that HUGE 777 order.. simply stunning. Hopefully, more orders will be forthcoming from the Dubai Airshow.

Andrew (Boise, ID):

I'd rather roll with a seven air frame any day than a three air frame. Three times Seven makes it just that more sweeter. 50 triple seven-threes sold at the the Dubai airshow today. With the future yet to unfold, the Boeing promise becomes a reality. Aircraft buyers should take notice that an airline Company went after a business decision costing billions and anchored its business plan to that decision. Bigger is not better but better is best.

Now for the 787, it has the WOW factor. World of Wonder is now available at a 787 near you. The pictures above illustrates the potential awaiting the traveler, air crew, ground support and management of any airline company with a vision. 787 becomes a tool for the World of Wonder or I'll just say WOW for now.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

I saved to my desktop a few of the marketing pictures of when this bird was still the 7E7 back in December 2004, and the cockpit from August 2005, and obviously I see now that those sculpted ceilings and the large overhead bins, etc. are real -- and this quite amazing

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Think about the modernisation of air travel, what one sees here with the LED lights, arched entries, large windows and 6,000 foot pressurization will be common place in the sky and every major airport in a few years.

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