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Three months after the 747-8 Freighter wrapped up its certification flight testing by drawing a giant 747 across a map of the U.S., the 747-8 Intercontinental has pulled off a feat of its own. Last week, the crew flew an 18-hour extended operations flight which took the airplane over every state in the lower 48. Click here to see a larger image of the map below.


Our data on a Google Earth map.

Some of you pointed out that this map from our friends at Flight Aware shows we missed West Virginia and Rhode Island. But we’ve double checked our own telemetry to verify that we did indeed pass over all 48. That includes flying into the eastern portion of West Virginia— and grazing the state of Rhode Island with the airplane’s left wing. Now that’s what I call a detailed analysis!

This flight for extended operations, or ETOPS, certification helps determine how far the airplane will be able to travel from a suitable diversion airport. After the Intercontinental returned to Everett, it still had more than two and a half hours worth of fuel left.

There’s one other interesting fact about this flight that I wanted to share. Melanie VanderLugt, a Boeing Test & Evaluation flight test analysis engineer, found a creative way to keep herself busy during the down time. Walking in 15 minute increments, she circled a 225 foot loop around the aft section of the airplane - 310 times. It ended up being a half marathon. Now that’s a flight to remember, one that really has been just about everywhere.

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Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

She is a divine beauty...............747-8, a very maintenance friendly aircraft proved the definition of success. Having ETOPS certification helps to prove the capability of the aircraft. BOEING TEST & FLIGHT EVALUATION TEAM REALLY THE MOTIVATION TOWARDS EXCELLENCE. Truly Admirable, Simply Brilliant, Deeply Visionary........An Innovation Lives forever....

V V (-):

Did it go to Hawaii?

Robert (Texas):

VV(-) ... Read the article, "...over every state in the lower 48." That and the map clearly show, no, it did not go to Hawaii...

Keith Harris (Kailua Kona Hawaii):

It did come to Hawaii she landed here in Kona Friday the 4th I think it was, didn't stay long landed on runway 17 taxied back up to the hammer head sat for a bit probably getting clearance and away she flew. awesome sight and oh so quite.


Now Gaddafi is outa the picture of Libya if it's not the entire world, I’m looking forward to see B747-8 touching down on my hometown 33L early morning hours where the rwy is still wet from the last night fog, wishing for Boeing to rethink about establishing a service center in Libya, where almost 365 days a year are clear skies, just the right place for all year long operations. When I was a little kid back in early 70s, I’ve been told that Boeing thought about opening that center, :) way to go guys, keep it up, cause if it’s not Boeing, I’m not going :D

Randy Young (Las Vegas):

Boeing builds the most technologically advanced airliners in the sky. 747-8, 787 Dreamliner-
amazing aerodynamic machines.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

With Transaero agreement to purchase four 748I's,
this beauty will grace the skies of Asia (Korean Air,
Air China, Hong Kong), Africa (Arik), and Europe (Lufthansa and Transaero). I hope Delta and United get the message.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I was exited to hear about the 747-8 Intercontinental order from Transaero in Russia, I hope to see more orders in the future.


Oh man, I wish I was that lucky! That would be so awesome. I guess if esmoone would offer me 1 hour in a professional flight sim I would pay something like $200 for it. But I guess that would be not enough . nice video though.

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