Around the world... in 42 hours

As the 787 continues to cause quite a buzz on the first stop of the Dream Tour here in China, another Dreamliner was flying its way into the record books. On Tuesday, Capt. Rod Skaar led a team of pilots, flight test personnel, Boeing executives and an observer from the National Aeronautic Association on an around-the-world journey that ended today with not one.. but two world records for the 787.


ZA006 takes off on its record-setting trip.

The first record was set when the Dreamliner (ZA006) landed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With the more than 10,000 nautical mile trip from Seattle, the team established a duration record for this weight class (440,000 to 550,000 lbs.). That record had previously been held by the A330 for a trip made in 2002 that was just over 9,100 nautical miles.


Making a stop for fuel in Bangladesh.

Upon landing in Seattle this morning, less than 43 hours after they departed, another record was set. It was the fastest time around the world for an airplane in this weight class.

Speed and duration are just two of the capabilities that make the 787 so special. I’m thrilled we could demonstrate this in such spectacular fashion.


Here’s the group that flew into the record books— moments after landing at Boeing Field.

Today’s record brings back memories from 2005. That’s when I was lucky enough to be on a 777-200LR that broke the non-stop distance record for commercial airplanes. The flight from Hong Kong to London spanned 11,664 nautical miles. Only 35 people were on board, and I vividly remember passing the time by playing games and even doing group stretching exercises. It was like being in an airborne aerobics class.

Before signing off for today, I want to congratulate everyone involved in the approval of the machinists’ contract. It’s a win for our employees, our customers, and the Puget Sound economy. I look forward to seeing the first 737 MAX roll out of the Renton factory in the very near future.

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RogerC (Houston TX USA):

Here's another memorable Boeing round-the-world record as written up in AirSpace. This record took a little longer then 42 hours.

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Bring It On 787. Take us the Distance Dreamliner. Make it a reality.

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney):

Congratulations to the B787 Dreamliner and Boeing crew, two more amazing aviation records set. My inspection of ZA001 when it visited Sydney was a real eye opener, so much new technology in every area of the aircraft, and a wing design that has to be seen to be believed.

See and images

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

ZA006 Written Down in my heart for lifetime..Feeling proud to be there at HSIA,the national airport of Bangladesh. What a moment....ZA006 softly touched down Runway 14 creating the landmark of history. I kept my eyes looking into the maverick giant 788 equipped with GEnx-1B Engine....Thrilled & Charmed with the performance. I have been working with Regent Airways (Leading Private Airline of Bangladesh) as Asst.Manager, customer relations was there at the tarmac along with my visionary CEO and MD. Fantastic BOEING Crew and Ground Support personnel were there. Salute to Capt Rod Skaar to lead the team. The memory written down in my heart as gift of Heaven...THE BEST EVER CREATED BRAND 787 in front my eyes. What a TEAM Boeing Developed!!! Forever the Frontier. The aristocratic wing flex through magnitude of excellence. Being A Boeing Freak, I Must say it is a lifetime achievement. I personally congratulated every single honorable BOEING Employee associated with this 43hrs journey. Every single second I spent with ZA006 created my heart beat WHICH I TOOK THE PULSE OF ETERNITY. My heartiest appreciation to BOEING to select Bangladesh for this record journey. Being born and brought up in an aviation family...I Truly, deeply, madly take BOEING the ultimate destination of Perfection. My Dad spent his entire life in the flight safety of CAAB and now CAAB Airworthiness Consultant. My elder brother was there in the two delivery flight of 777-300ER (S2-AFO & S2-AFP) delivered to Biman Bangladesh Airlines as he is the Flight ops manager of Biman. ZA006 is the gift of my lifetime.....I take every single breath listening to the Fairy tune of GEnx-1B. BOEING BELIEVES IN INNOVATION, PERFECTION, TEMPTATION, DEDICATION......ROCK ON BOEING....ROCK ON 787.....THE SKY FEELS PROUD TO HAVE YOU......

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Congratulations! Really a fantastic achievement for this revolutionary airplane! I'd love to read a more in-depth article by Rod Skaar about these record setting flights as it must be quite a thrill and experience to be apart of those flights and the immense planning that goes into them. If I remember correctly, Capt. Skaar was also instrumental in the 777-200LR's record setting flight 6 years ago?

Gareth Richards (Cincinnati, Oh):

To Chris (and Randy)

I was also on board the 777-200LR Record Flight (I am the GE90 Program Manager at GE Aviation). If you would like to know more details about the planning and execution of that flight, you can read my trip report posted here:

Congratulations to Boeing and the 787 and GEnx Teams on another great milestone!



Kari Hanson (Everett):

I want to work for you! I love all I'm learning at the Future of Flight and the amazing people I meet from all over the world who visit the Gallery. Volunteering is fun and engaging - I'm ready to promote Boeing "out there". Thanks for all the updates - love your blog and makes me excited everyday about the possibility of working for you.

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