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In the past couple of days since we announced our intention to build the 737 MAX in Renton, pending union contract approval, some people have questioned our commitment to the MAX. Let me be clear—we are 100 percent committed. Period.

And let’s also be clear about something else. If this agreement is ratified, the MAX will be built in our Renton factory.

The decision to go with a new engine variant wasn’t made lightly. It came after a careful analysis of our customers’ needs and a hard look in the mirror. In the end, the 737 MAX was clearly the best choice over an all new small airplane. We now stand behind the MAX with all of our energy and resources.


With over 700 commitments so far, the MAX is clearly stirring up the industry. It even has the competition talking more about our airplane than their own.

Lion Air’s historic announcement last month that it committed to buy 201 737 MAXs, and up to 380 total 737s, was a huge win for us. We’re proud that a customer already flying an all-Boeing fleet weighed its choices and went with the best product. We’ll continue to do everything we can to keep our other customers just as happy—and we believe the MAX will do just that.

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Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

This is an open challenge...........ALL BOEING FLEET ALWAYS WINS THE RACE.............737NG, 767, 777, 787, 747 all models are built and operated in the dynasty of ULTIMATE PERFECTION. Even 757 are equipped with winglets perfered like the rocking machine. Boeings always beleives on ultimate profit maximization for distinctive airlines across the globe having profound respect through best customer service along with spare parts inventory management. 737 Max is the ultimate destination where each and every airline already ordered would achieve the the word PERFECTION......ROCK ON BOEING.....ROCK THE SKY.......


Thanks for clarifying this. The unfortunate thing is that it actually needed to be clarified at all. I guess the competition is really getting concerned if their top management starts acting petulant in a very public setting?

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

the Boeing Business Jet (based on the 737 family) is already a marvel and offers so much more than other business jets... I would only like to know if the BBJ will be also available based on the Boeing 737 MAX? Boeing cannot ignore the trend to private jets...

James (Boston):

This is a pipe dream, but any chance of a re-engined, possibly re-winged 757 making a comeback?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I don't think a re-engined 757 will be available unfortunately but I like the idea of a "narrowed" widebody acting as a replacement and category aircraft between a 737-900MAX and a 787-8.

Not bad on over 700 737 MAX sold. At least you can't complain about 737 builders in Renton not having experience in building 737s. It is the logical choice.

Marc de Piolenc (Iligan City, Philippines):

What a pleasure to see my favorite puddle-jumper equipped with modern turbofans and winglets. I am often a passenger in the older single-spool models here in the Philippines, and often wondered how they would do with better propulsion (I didn't think about winglets). Now I know. Maybe this will be the DC-3 of the late 20th, early 21st century - an airplane that keeps getting upgraded and ends up filling a transport niche so well that nobody even bothers to try pushing it out!

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