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What a great experience for our customers and the media as we took them up for some short demonstration flights on the 787 during our Dream Tour stop in China. We’ve given a lot of tours of the airplane over the past year, but actually taking people up in the air is a rare treat.


Inspecting the airplane before one of our demo flights.

I often say that pilots have the greatest offices in the world. And when our customers’ pilots have emerged from the flight deck of the 787 after these demo flights, they are absolutely beaming.

Following the demo flight in Guangzhou, I had the honor of presenting a gift to China Southern executive Liu Qian, the airline’s VP for flight operations and safety. The gift is actually the window hole we cut out of composite material used on the Dreamliner.


Presenting a very fitting gift to China Southern.

We still have one more stop in China in Haikou, but I can tell you this first leg of the Dream Tour has been an incredible success. I could talk all day about the features of the 787, but being able to experience the airplane first hand is when the magic really happens. I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in the kickoff of this tour, and I wouldn’t trade the smiles I’ve seen for anything in the world.


A picture I took of China Southern flight attendants posing by the 787.


A picture of me taking a picture of China Southern flight attendants.

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James Baloun (Palo Alto, California):

Giving out free samples has long been a great way to sell products. If this tour sells one plane it will have paid for itself. This is an excellent use of the prototype aircraft. The lucky visitors will never forget the day they toured the 787. There are more of us around the world who would love to get a chance to experience the 787 as long as you want to keep this show on the road. Randy you have one of the best jobs in the world. Have fun!

Rob ( Canada) (Vancouver, Canada):

Randy how many miles have you flown this year? It seems most of the time you post an article you are out of the country.
Good luck with the world tour.

Chris Cook (South Africa):

You should get Boeing Store to sell those carbon-fibre window composite cut-outs online...you'd sell thousands, albeit I'd imagine that would be quite expensive.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

In the top picture, you can tell just how sculpted the fan blades are.

I cannot imagine many if any people who are not impressed by what they see in the inside and outside of the aircraft.

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