Sending our LUV to Southwest

Just a few days ago on this blog, I hinted that our first firm order for the 737 MAX was coming soon. How fitting that our longtime partner Southwest made the order and became the launch customer for the MAX.


A 737 MAX in Southwest livery.

We’ve been with Southwest from the very start. Not only have Boeing and Southwest helped each other prosper through the past 40 plus years, we’ve also stood side by side during the more challenging economic times. I’m very proud we could stand together today for what’s going to be a very exciting time for both of us.


An early Christmas gift. Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh (left) presents a 737 MAX model in Southwest livery to airline CEO Gary Kelly.

You can’t think of the 737 without thinking of Southwest. But while today’s order is another one for the history books, it’s a lot more than just dollars and numbers. The firm order shows that Southwest not only stands behind the MAX, but is also dedicated to making it the key to its future. We take that commitment very seriously and can’t wait to deliver their first airplane.


A blast from the past— Boeing and Southwest working together.

If you’re interested, click here to download wallpaper of the 737 MAX in Southwest livery.

In closing, as someone who tries very hard to keep a blog interesting, entertaining and relevant— I want to say how much I enjoy Southwest’s great blog “Nuts About Southwest.” The airline is famous for its customer service and they’ve also done a really amazing job when it comes to social media— especially with today’s post celebrating the MAX order. Cheers to you Southwest. The ride gets better every day.

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Brian Lusk (Dallas, Texas):

Randy, thanks for the kind comments about our blog, Nuts About Southwest, and our other social media efforts. When we established our blog over five years ago now, we used "Randy's Journal" as one of the models of what a corporate blog should be. We're glad that Boeing has been a part of the Southwest Family since day one.

Rob (Oakland):

As a loyal Southwest customer I was pleased to hear news of this order. My thanks to both companies for their role .

Tim K (Ont Can):

Was there ever any doubt in anyone's mind that Southwest would order anything other than a 737. They built their entire airline around this model so changing plane types wouldn't make any economic sense. The real test for Boeing and the MAX will be if they can steal away orders from traditional Airbus customers like Air Canada that only flies the A320 model type, now that would be something to brag about. Boeing is predicting up to 1500 firm orders by this time next year for the MAX so I wonder how many of those will be stolen from Airbus?

Predictions anyone…

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

There has not been any generation of 737 where Southwest has not taken interest in from the original all the way to the MAX. The new 737 MAX will do great as a replacement of the classic 737 fleet and the older Next Generation models. Since Southwest existed they have launched every generation of 737, that tradition continues.

Rob (Vancouver, Canada):

Nice picture for those of us who remember what the Stewardesses ( Flight Attendants) of the past used to wear in 70's.

Oh yea, congratulations to both Boeing and Southwest on the order of the 737 MAX.

Merry Christmas from the Great White North.

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