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We deliver hundreds of airplanes every year (426 so far as of December 1). But many of you may not know that some of those deliveries carry very special cargo. I’m very proud that Boeing regularly teams up with our customers, relief agencies and charities to send everything from books to medical supplies across the world to the people who need them most.

In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share one recent delivery flight of a 777-300ER to Biman Bangladesh Airlines.


A delivery flight for Biman Bangladesh turns into a humanitarian flight. (left) Mohammed H. Kabir and Syed M. Hussain

Syed M. Hussain, a Boeing engineer with 787 Interiors and native of Bangladesh, organized with other Bangladeshi Boeing employees an effort to put 8,500 pounds of relief items such as clothes and school supplies onto the airplane. Working with a non-profit organization called SpaandanB, the supplies were delivered to areas in Bangladesh affected by harsh winter conditions.

Hussain actually went on the delivery flight and was kind enough to share his story with us:

After a 16 hour direct flight, went to a remote area about 150 miles from Dhaka. With the help of more than a dozen volunteers from the local non-profit organization, we distributed clothes, vitamins and food to about 700 people.


Boeing engineer Syed Hussain distributes vitamins to children in Bangladesh.

It was a great feeling for me to serve so many people with my own hands. I was about to cry by seeing all these children without clothes, shoes and nutritious food.

I got an opportunity of a lifetime to gain a different kind of experience in life besides work. I have served local communities in the USA for the last 31 years, but this experience touched me very much where I served my motherland. It was a great feeling.


Syed meets a 110 year old man in need of a blanket.

Along with Hussain, Bangladeshi Boeing employees volunteered countless hours to make this possible. I thank you, as well as all Boeing employees who’ve contributed to other special delivery flights, for your efforts to make a real difference in people’s lives across the globe.

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Alexander kiamba (kenya):

That's the spirit because the same hands that give are the same ones that receive. When delivering to Africa, I wonder how to involve someof these big companies coz people are in need. Thank you so.much for this story.

Mike (Minnesota):

Very nice! I wonder if Boeing could make it possible to use the delivery flight of an aircraft to bring non-profit humanitarian supplies to countries in need?

Fred (Grapevine, TX):

I enjoy reading your blog Randy but this has to be my favorite post this year. While Boeing has had an outstanding year with many accomplishments, this type of story is a great testament to the human spirit and Boeing's contribution to those less fortunate than many of us! Keep up the good work!

Rogers (Calgary):

Thank you Mr. Hussain for a wonderful example of what we all can do. Beautiful story.

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

This ranks as one of the top 3 stories posted on this blog this year.

In the festive spirit of the season, one is reminded of the spirit of giving not only to one's family, but to extend some of the love to the displaced, to the widows and to the orphans in our respective communities.

Warmest Christmas wishes to all.


Tan Swee Hong (Singapore, Singapore):

This is a heartwarming story of humanity and a true milk run.

A minor technical question though, Mr. Hussain mentioned that the -300ER was on a 16 hour direct flight. Can this model fly direct from Everrett to Bangladesh? I could not find the answer from the tech specs on Boeing's webpage.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):



Question about range: Use Great Circle Mapper

So, Everett (PAE)- Dhaka (DAC) is doable.

Great Circle Mapper is currently featuring possible new 330-min ETOPs routes that Air New Zealand could fly with its 777 -- worth a look. Hopefully an All Black 777 in Johannesburg when they play here.

Syed M. Hussain (Everett, WA, USA):

To Mr. Tan Swee Hong, Yes, it took 16 hrs. direct flight from Everett to Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was awesome. I was thrilled to travel from my home to my motherland home where I grew up. Thanks for your nice comments. Have a wonderful holiday.


Henry Tan/Singapore:

A minor technical question though, Mr. Hussain mentioned that the -300ER was on a 16 hour direct flight. Can this model fly direct from Everrett to Bangladesh? I could not find the answer from the tech specs on Boeing's webpage. >>>

Offhand, I would say that the 77W's design range would cover a tad more than the distance between Everett and Dhaka. So no problem for that big baby to fly direct on that route.
And then because the delivery flight is assumed to be very much below the full regular pasenger service weight (even with the humanitarian cargo loaded), it can go even further with its maximum fuel load.

Tan Swee Hong (Singapore, Singapore):

Thank you Syed, for kindly responding to my query. As a teacher, I bring my students on yearly community-service trips to China. These open their eyes to the larger world where children often lack even proper nourishment and basic education.

And also to Paulo and Henry, for sharing with me your knowledge and links to my questions.

Have a wonderful festive season, everyone.

Md Tauhidul Islam Khan (Dhaka,Uttara,Bangladesh):

Thanks to Mr. Syed M Hussain and others Bangladeshi employees working with the Boeing Company to take such kind of great step for helping poor people of our contry in this winter.Really it is one of the best news I ever read from the Randy's journal this year.
আপনাদের সবাইকে জানাই আন্তরিক ধন্যবাদ ও শুভেচ্ছা ।

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Hopefully this humanitarian flight will be the start to further humanitarian NGO operations to Bangladesh.

Iqbal Mahmood (Riverside, CA):

What a wonderful and touching event. A great corporation in the world teaming up up with some sincere Bangladeshis to help needy people. No interest involved except kindness for human being. I wish our government would take this kind of humanatarian events and not resort to wars. These activities win people's heart, that no war can. We are the greatest country in the world and our political leaders need to know that we have special responsibilities.


Hi Syed, Traffic is on the rise, ifanct Decembers traffic was more than double of Novembers.Thanks for all the articles you have submitted, I hope your sites are doing well.Have a great new year!Neil

Mashiur Rahaman (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

As a Bangladeshi, i am proud of Syed M. Hussain. People like you are the true representative of this country. Thank you...:)
Mashiur Rahaman, Sr Broadcast Journalist, Independent TV

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