Thank you China!

As the 787 Dream Tour moves on to Africa, I’m heading back home after an incredible journey across China.


A water salute and rainbow greet the Dreamliner as it arrives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the African leg of the Dream Tour.

I’ll remember this trip not only because it was my first time flying on the Dreamliner, but because we got to share the experience with so many of our customers, suppliers and friends in China. It was very special for everyone involved— including our incredible team from flight test that made it all happen. I’ll leave you with some new pictures that capture some of my favorite moments.








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Liang Ran Peter Shen (San Francisco, CA):

To 787, Welcome to Guangxhou, my birth place. Hopefully there will be a direct flight from SFO to Guangzhou as the result of 787's introduction.

Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

After seeing your pictures, now I can say: Randy for president of the USA! YEAH!

Artem (Russia):

Randy, is there plans to visit Russia during Dream Tour?

Lynn (Renton, WA, USA):


Great picture of the 787 arriving in Ethiopia. Any change getting a higher resolution one avaliable? That has desktop wallpaper written all over it.


Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 787 has the potential to be very useful in the China to Los Angeles or San francisco market. Imagine LAX or SFO to cities like Guangzhou, Shenzen,Chengdu or Kunming, not bad.

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