Welcome aboard

We’ve said goodbye to Beijing and hello to Guangzhou as the 787 Dream Tour continues through China.


The Dreamliner arrives in Guangzhou for the second stop of the tour.


Boeing pilots pose by the airplane after landing in Guangzhou.

Before we left Beijing, I had the chance to show off the inside of the Dreamliner to waves of people who couldn’t wait to come inside. Before climbing aboard, visitors got to sign our very own “Great Wall.”


Visitors leave their name on the Dream Tour’s very own Great Wall.

It was great to see all the smiles as everyone made their way through the airplane. And make no mistake, the 787 is the perfect airplane for our customers in this thriving market. Over the next 20 years, our Current Market Outlook shows that China will need 5,000 new airplanes worth $600 billion. More than 80 percent of those new airplanes will be needed just to keep up with growth, with the greatest demand for widebodies like the 787.


A full house as guests check out the interior.


Even toddlers love the 787! This little guy is enjoying the airplane’s large windows.


Talking with the media about the many features of the 787.

I’ll end this post with a very fitting picture. We woke up to a snowy morning in Beijing. I’m told that in China, a good snow forsees a fruitful and bountiful year. Here’s hoping this snow is a sign of great things to come for the Dreamliner in 2012.


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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID):

As I sit at my computer another 787 is flying over the China sky. The east bound BOE6 is making another around the world journey setting records as it quietly goes about its important business. A Boeing harnessed to GE engines in the final legs of testing, as the 787 makes it mark ever so subtle as if the Jet stream has a new found friend, partnering its journey when cornering the earth. It comes to a soft and eloquent point that this new technology, the B787, is not just a dream but a wonder of the world, devised by countless people whose genius, ingenuity, and love of creativity manifest itself as the "Seventh Wonder of The world" known as the 787.

Christina (Everett, WA):

Hi Randy - I'm enjoying reading your blog and keeping up with the 787 Dream Tour. It's always good to actually see where Boeing is going and the people involved with making this tour a success. That being said, in addition to the photos of the pilots, it would be great if you posted photos of the crew members who accompanied the plane, for without all of them and the people back home, whom they represent, this tour would never have been possible. I look forward to seeing their photos on your blog soon.

Once again, thank you for keeping us up to date on the Tour.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The Dreamtour reminds me of a rock band tour though in this tour you don't have to worry too much about ear protection.

Even in the nine abreast configuration, the cabin does not look very cramped at all.

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