Wild, Wild Week

Just when you thought our late flurry of orders may have come to an end with the Southwest deal, our friends at FedEx Express kept the momentum going with today’s order for 27 of our 767 Freighters and two 777 Freighters.


The perfect pairing for FedEx… the 767 and 777 Freighters.

It’s no secret around the office that I’m a huge fan of FedEx Express. In fact, I made sure to snap a picture of a 777 Freighter model they had on display at this year’s Dubai Airshow.


A FedEx 777 Freighter model on display in Dubai.

FedEx has been very aggressive in the way they advertise their 777 Freighters, promoting both the airplane’s efficiency and environmental responsibility. With today’s order, FedEx is putting its confidence in the 767 Freighter’s ability to fit right into its fleet. It also means we’ll be building the 767 Freighter for years to come.

With today’s order from FedEx, our numbers for this week are truly staggering—251 new firm orders. And when you look at the mix of airplanes ordered by our customers, it proves just how popular our products are across the board.

This week’s orders:

Etihad: 10 787s and two 777 Freighters

Southwest: 150 737 MAX airplanes and 58 Next-Gen 737s

FedEx Express: 27 767 Freighters and two 777 Freighters

Unidentified Customer: Two 777 Freighters

Net orders for the year have jumped from 527 to 778. And the 777’s record year continues with 200 net orders. While we’ve obviously been very busy with several campaigns, it’s our great customers who’ve made all of this possible.

This wild week ends with two more big milestones for the 747-8 team. Just yesterday, the 747-8 Intercontinental got FAA certification. And this morning, certification came from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The program is now in the final stages of delivering the first Intercontinental early next year.


A ceremony marking our certification from the FAA.

The program took another key step this month when the Intercontinental made an early visit to Frankfurt, home of Lufthansa, the airline launch customer for the newest member of the 747 family. I wanted to share some new photos from that trip.


A beautiful scene as the 747-8 Intercontinental visits airline launch customer Lufthansa in Frankfurt.


Hundreds of Lufthansa leaders and employees had a chance to tour the airplane and get an idea of the passenger experience. Lufthansa wants to keep photos of its interior secret until the airplane goes into service, but I’m told there were smiles all around once they saw it for themselves.



2011 has been one wild ride. I’m glad you were able to take it with me, and hopefully we can be just as entertaining in 2012.

Comments (8)

NITIN (INDIA +9199966339177):

Congres for CERTIFICATION FROM FAA and wish u a very happy X-MAS

Erin (Tampa):

What a lady! Gorgeous even in simple white. I look forward to flying her.

Joel (Springfield, Oregon):

The news is great for other aircraft types offered by Boeing, but I hope that more orders for the 747-8i are in the future.

Speaking of the 747-8i, what are the white rectangles that were recently painted on the fuselage of RC-001? Perhaps they are for runway spray tests? here is a pic: http://paineairport.com/kpae4429.htm

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Wow! Congratulations!

The 767 is still in demand.

The 777; look at the longer-range derivatives paying dividends, plus some -- the 777-300ER and 777F have been such incredible planes.

Massive congratulations for certification of the 747-8I - the long wait, over 11 years since I started counting, is over. And again, massive kudos for securing an incredibly important strategic partner for the 737 MAX development in the form of the ever pragmatic Southwest.

Just browsing through recent posts here, you guys have really had a great quarter!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I'd imagine that FedEx's 767 order is only the beginning of a plan for FedEx to replace the DC/MD-10, A300 and A310 cargo aircraft as well the 777-200LR freighter to replace the MD-11. Not bad for an early Christmas gift that will last and a happy new year with cheer.

Ralph (San Diego, CA):

Just curious...the photo of the lovely flight attendants...is that a hint of what the entry of their 747-8i will look like? On the left is what appears to be bannister of the staircase, but I could be wrong.

Andrew (Boise, ID):

Boeing keeps chipping away at the competition. Could you explain why the 767, in the age efficiency, is getting a strong second look? Both the military and FedEx think it to be the best solution and many airlines are hesitant to switch away models in their own market niches, standing by the 767. Its been so long since I last studied the 767 for its mission or market place. Could you please provide a refresher in your journal on the 767 so I can relate to its significance? Congratulation on the recent orders for 767 it truly must be a great aircraft.

Wessel Groenewegen (Oss, the Netherlands):

Boeing is still growing after all these years and that's great to hear. The 737 Max is a great succes and the first 787 and 747-8 have been delivered.
But looking at your orders, the 787 is getting less popular and the 747-8 has the same issue. For the 747-8 I can't see any reason. The 747-8 has a great space in the market, because the a380 is just too big. I've heard many people say that Singapore Airlines and Qantas just can't fill the entire aircraft. The new 747-8 will do and will bring greater efficiency. And the 747's at KLM are ageing, such as many of those of other airlines (British Airways).

I would say good luck with your marketing! (It would be great to get respond of Randy Tinseth)

Wessel Groenewegen

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